Egg omelette roll, wait a minute! How’s that even possible with the egg being very light?We get to hear of the famous Spanish omelette but an egg roll, c’mon that’s some made up fantasy. Eggs have always been a norm in households. Growing up believing that it’s the most healthiest protein, well not only believing but it’s also a fact. It has been recorded to be the most healthiest food not forgetting its low-calorie count of 77 calories for those of us who want to maintain the model type of body.

I remember growing up and believing that eggs should be eaten at least twice a week and it was a crime (I still love you mom and dad) to miss eating an egg for a week. This made me gain some weight, haha the baby fat kind of weight and feeling so good about it. Till I got to my teenage years, when I became conscious of my weight and really wanted to lose the excess weight. Thankfully, Kenyan boarding schools did their magic and I trimmed off my excess weight. I really do not know what it was with me and boarding schools. Some type of body hatred. I would leave home after any holiday having recharged ,haha, my body weight battery and upon closing school the body battery was nearly empty, pun intended. Luckily that period came to an end.

Recently, on Sunday, I was feeling so alive and energetic with some type of nostalgia remembering my younger self enjoying eggs on Sunday before going for church. The urge to resist breaking up an egg and eating it was irresistible. I loving the kitchen, I went in and decided to make my egg. Thinking on whether to make a normal fried egg or boiled egg or adding some class with some Spanish omelette, I ended up doing something totally new. I ended up doing an egg omelette roll with some touch of soy sauce. I have never tried out soy sauce again on eggs, but why not try out this time round?

Egg Omelette Roll Ingredients (Serves 1)

  1. 3 eggs
  2. 1/4 a piece of red capsicum (hoho)
  3. 1/4 a piece of green capsicum
  4. 1 red onion and 1 white onion
  5. 1/4 cup of milk
  6. 1/2 tea-spoon of white/black pepper
  7. a pinch of salt
  8. Dark soy sauce
  9.  1 tablespoon of cooking oil

Egg Omelette Roll Cooking Procedure 

Begin by dicing the onions, red and green capsicum into small pieces and set them aside.

In a bowl, break the three eggs in it and whisk the eggs with a whisk or a fork.


Once the egg is well mixed up, add the diced onions and the capsicums in the bowl and whisk them together with the egg.

Add the milk into the bowl as you stir all ingredients together.

Add the salt and pepper and sprinkle some dark soy sauce at the same time. (I did use white pepper this time round)

Mix all the ingredients together.


In a separate pan, add the oil and let it heat up for some few seconds.

Once the oil is ready, add one scoop of the egg mixture into the pan. You can scoop using a serving spoon or a scooping cup. Spread the egg mixture evenly on the pan and leave it to cook till the side at the bottom is well cooked.

Once the bottom side is well cooked, using a cooking stick, roll from one corner of the egg, roll the egg slowly till it begins forming a circular rolled shape. As you roll, the upper part of the egg is cooking.


Once you have rolled the egg halfway, add another scoop of the egg mixture and pour it evenly in a circular manner around the other end corner of the egg, where the unrolled part is. Leave it to cook till its ready at the bottom.

Once cooked, continue rolling the egg up to mid-way of the added now cooked mixture.

Add the final scoop of the egg mixture and repeat the same procedure as the one above. Once ready, continue rolling the egg to the end of the other corner. The egg roll will form a long piece of circular shaped egg. Similar to the shape of a rolling stick.

The egg is now ready for serving.


Take out the egg from the pan and place on a plate. Cut the egg roll into pieces.


Serving suggestions

You can serve the egg roll omelette with some ring sliced onions and tomatoes and a cup of white or black tea or coffee.

Enjoy the tasty egg roll omelette with a twist of soy sauce.

Remember to leave a comment on your experience with the egg omelette roll and share the recipe with family and friends if you enjoyed it.

Cheers to a healthy morning breakfast.



  • Hi Stacy,
    I love this egg omelet! I’ve always loved to experiment with ingredients and omelet is one of those dishes I always come up with differently, depending on what is available in my kitchen 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Jessica 😊 thank you for loving the recipe😊. It’s interesting how one can come up with different variations of egg recipes by using what’s available in the kitchen. Thank you for stopping by. Keep in touch with us here for more recipes 😊

    • Am so glad you loved it and enjoyed it 😃. Thank you for stopping by, remember to subscribe to the mailing list to get updated on new recipes

    • You are welcome Amelia. Thank you for stopping by and having a look at the recipe. I hope you find the recipe easy to prepare and very delicious

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