Think of that added icing on a cake while having some great dessert time along the poolside. That is exactly what the new Android Nougat (android 7) is bringing along with it. A cool, chilling, sweet and amazing experience that makes you feel like you have been immersed in a whole new world. Unbelievable, right? This is only believable once you check out some of its cool features.

1.It Understands Your Taste

How, is that possible? Google’s android 7 has added more emoji’s to add to add fun to your chats and yes, for the first time ever you can use two languages at the same time while having a chat with the dearest people in your life. Isn’t that amazing?

It also lets you take control of notifications by allowing user to toggle-on the UI.

2. Smarter Battery

We all get tired of having to charge our phone batteries, but with the new android 7 it has a special feature called doze on the go. This allows your phone to go on a low power usage saving the battery power.

3. Travel between apps

Wondering how can i travel between apps? Android 7 has made it possible to be at two places at the same time. You can now watch your favorite series online while chatting with your to be prom-mate without having to switch between the two.

Android nougat enables you to switch between apps more easily.

4. Say goodbye to virus taking over your phone

Viruses have been a major contribution to slowing down our phones, but with the new android 7, the phone starts up faster and runs apps securely. It also has an added feature where encryption can take place at the file level.

5. Enjoy an experience to a whole new world

Android nougat has made the virtual reality experience greater than before with sharper and clearer graphics. This has been made possible by the virtual reality mode. This is when you enjoy that new VR game and feel like a part of it (feeling all the effects) and you don’t want to leave the comfort you are at. However, so far this is only available on Google’s Daydream Version.

google pixel

Android 7 is now available pre-installed in the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL, LG V20, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Sony Xperia X, Huawei Mate 10. However, the software will soon be made available for users to upgrade it on their current phones.

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Well, it could as well be called the virtual currency. The first ever type of currency that is not in any physical form until it is converted to local currencies. We are talking about the cryptocurrency era. Most organisations have implemented this as one of their payment methods and we are left wondering what do they mean by payment using bitcoin or ripple is accepted. For the few who also understand what they mean by payment using this type of currency, we are still left not knowing what exactly cryptocurrency is and how it came into existence. Cryptocurrency has stirred up so much interest among people especially with the on set of the ransomware that attacked computers and encrypted all files and to have the files decrypted one had to send some sought of ransom in form of bitcoins to have their pc’s working. So what exactly is cryptocurrency and how did it come into existence?


What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a ‘virtual’ monetary unit that is used as a medium of exchange online working similar to how the other types of currencies are used as medium of exchange. The difference between the other monetary units and the cryptocurrency is that; for cryptocurrency, it uses cryptography which is a network security measure used to secure transactions that take place.

The Dawn of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency came into existence when it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. His main aim of inventing it was to create a peer-to-peer cash system whereby payments can be done directly between the sender and the receiver without need of a financial institution.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency works  by using the network peers. Once a transaction is made, the transaction file is signed digitally using the sender’s public key and sender signs the hash of the previous key and public key of the person receiving the currency and this information is attached to the end of the coin. A broadcast is then sent to all the peers within the network before undergoing validation. Due to lack of third part financial institutions, the network of nodes consisting of data miners validate the transaction using algorithms and once the transaction is validated it joins other transactions to form a block-chain. The transactions on the block-chain cannot therefore be altered by anyone.

Properties of Cryptocurrency Transactions

Fast: This is the fastest monetary transaction unit as it takes a matter of few minutes to send and receive the currency online, as it uses a global system to perform its operations.

Secure: It is the most secure transaction, despite all fears concerning online transactions. It is the safest because it uses cryptography to secure the transactions.

Irreversible: Once a transaction has been validated at the network of nodes by the miners, the transaction cannot be reversed back to the sender. Therefore, everyone needs to be extra careful when performing this transactions. Who would want to lose their money?

Availability: Cryptocurrency is available for use by everyone. It does not require any permissions to be used.

Anonymous: Use of cryptocurrency makes transactions anonymous hence the sender nor the receiver cannot be traced.

Now we are left with the question what types of cryptocurrencies are available in the market today?

Types of Cryptocurrency in the Market

The following are the cryptocurrencies available in the market today:

  • Bitcoin- This was the first cryptocurrency.
  • Auroracoin
  • Ripple
  • Peercoin
  • Freicoin
  • Litecoin
  • Mastercoin
  • Namecoin
  • Nxt
  • Primecoin
  • Quarkcoin
  • Dogecoin

Benefits of Cryptocurrency


  1. Reduction in transaction fees.
  2. Secure therefore, prevents fraud.
  3. Availability giving access to everyone.
  4. Reduction in identity theft.
  5. They are recognised at a universal level.
  6. Promotes faster settlement due to lack of delays by third-parties.

Cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly fast and its future is bright. They are being accepted as payment methods in different institutions such as education sectors, organisations like Google.This clearly shows that the cryptocurrency is here to stay and to grow. Recently bitcoin and ripple increased in value. Therefore, lets all take advantage of its early stages and invest in cryptocurrency trading. You never know where your luck falls till you try.


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Everyone’s joy is to have that phone that works magic in how fast it performs its tasks (right!). A phone that opens multiple apps without slowing down, one that can stay a whole day without going low on battery within a few hours of use, one that can install multiple apps (depending on the internal storage of the phone), a phone where you can watch a whole video tutorial while taking down notes (check that out in the new google phone the Google Pixel). That is exactly what we get on purchasing that new android phone be it a Samsung, tecno or any android brand. We get that feeling of owning the best phone with an android OS.  However, on a few months of use from the 6th month onwards or if it is a good phone model it can give you that great fascinating experience for up to an year or more, it certainly begins slowing down its working functionality. That is when we all begin talking about getting a new phone. Better off also getting the new iPhone in town (were it not for the price that would be the ideal phone for everyone). Well, what should we do to boost up the capability of our android phones before thinking of how to get a new one. Here are few tricks that can work out for your android phone.

google pixelphoto credit to cdn images

1. Free up the Memory Storage Space.

The internal storage space has a very huge effect on how fast your phone is running. The more internal storage space is used up, the more your android phone slows down its functionality as the flash storage capability also reduces. To free up the internal storage space, you need to delete all the files, folders, videos and images that you do not require. This can be done by going to the file manage option in the phone and selecting the unnecessary files that you do not require, and clicking on the delete option.

2. Clearing Up the Data Cache

Data cache in the phone is a memory storage area that stores a copy of information mostly from installed apps that might be needed by the phone user in future. This allows faster access to the information when required later on. Therefore most applications require some space in the cache and when the cache is full it slows down the phone’s capability. Clearing up the data cache will help improve your phone’s functionality.

To clear the data cache, go to the settings menu in the phone. Within the settings menu, click on the storage option and select the cached data option. A prompt will appear on clicking the cached data asking you whether you want to clear the cached data. Select the ok option and all the cached data will be cleared.

3. Reducing or Deleting the Widgets on Your Phone

Widgets are shortcuts to a larger app found in a phone. This is where one can click to access a particular application within the phone without having to scroll through the whole phone menu.  More widgets on the home screen also reduces the functionality of your phone.

To remove the widgets from your home screen, long-press on the widget you wish to remove . A trash icon or an (X) icon will appear at the top of our screen. Drag the selected widget to the trash icon on top of your screen and the widget will automatically be deleted.

4. Uninstall or Disabling Unused Apps

Most of us, have that app that we might have installed due to the hype that we got from peers or because it was trending all over on google playstore but soon, the energy you had for using the app faded away and you no longer use it. This is the kind of app that we need to uninstall or disable. Disabling is helpful when you are currently not using an application but might use it later. This is used because it does not delete files related to the app and can be re-enabled later for use unlike deleting where all files related to the app are deleted. This helps to increase the functionality of the phone because the phone operates only on the necessary applications and the background applications that were unneccessary will not be available to slow down the phone anymore.

To uninstall the app, you can simply select the application by long-pressing on it and a trash icon will appear. Drag the application to the trash icon and it will automatically get deleted.

To disable the application, go to the settings option on your phone and select it to open. On the menu options in the settings, go to apps and click on it. It will display all apps. Select the application you want to disable and click on it. A disable icon will appear click on it and there you have your app disabled.

5. Disable the Animations

Animations are what make interactions with your operating system appear fluid and in correlation with the phone’s OS. However, they can cause the phone to slow down and later appear as videos with no moving effect. They do not add any functionality to the phone therefore disabling them will not cause any harm. To disable navigate to the settings options. Select developer options and a menu will appear. Select the animations option. A pop-up menu will appear showing the animations scale. Select on animations off. This disables the animations.

If your phone does not have the developer options, on the settings menu go to the option, about phone and click on builder number option severally until it displays a pop-up message saying that you are now a developer. This will automatically add the developer options section to the settings menu. Once developer options is added to the settings menu, follow the steps above on disabling from the developer options setting.

6. Factory Reset

This is is helpful but as a last resort when al the other above mentioned tricks haven’t worked for your phone. This will, however, delete all your installed applications except those that came along with the phone and it will also delete all your files and folders. That is the reason why this should be done only when all the other steps do not work.

To reset your phone, navigate to the settings option in your apps section. Within the menu list in the settings area, select the backup and reset option. It will open and display a menu. Select the factory data reset option and select reset phone. This will automatically reset your phone and prompt you to restart your phone. This will help boost up your phone.

Try the above steps before thinking of getting that new phone. Trick your android phone into working like a newly bought phone.

android photo credit to androidmeter



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Who ever thought that one day the imaginations of the mind would come to a reality? Technology has a new surprise for us all. Yet again, a new reality whose effects are going to last for decades to come. Virtual reality has hit the world with a strong influence on everything. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology in virtual reality headsets and has the ability to generate real world images and sounds that simulates one’s physical presence in an imaginary world that seems like a reality.

The current virtual reality was introduced in 2010 by a teenager Palmer Luckey and it has since grown and new features have been introduced. It was first used in headsets for gaming. Its huge capability has enabled it to grow into other industries like the health sector for clinical therapy, hospitality sector, military sector, space sector and even the government sector. It has brought about a significant change to the industries.

Virtual reality revolution is being redefined through augmented reality and mixed reality. It is amazing how they all work. With the upcoming of the augmented reality, it now incorporates smell (unbelievable) into its great technology and it overlaps the real world. It is really amazing how tech fascinates us at all times.The AR is here to stay and its great effects were widely noticed after the first ever game Pokemon GO incorporated the AR. This brought a craze to the world. You might not be a tech lover but with the upcoming AR be sure you will fall in love with the technology. It captures the whole mind and sets you apart from the current world into another world where you can feel all motions taking place. Cool right! Physcally in the real world, mentally in a space-like world.

The science behind it still remains very unthought of. Virtual reality looks into how the brain works.The brain is able to interpret past experiences like knowing what kind of features are expected in a working environment or in a sandy beach environment. Virtual reality integrates this by aiming to create similar experiences in a virtual world to make the brain believe that it is in the real world. Know i bet you can figure out why VR is used to treat post-trumatic stress by emersing one into a virtual environment.

Think of that feeling you get when you immerse yourself in an imaginary scene enjoying the good sensations of life (escaping from the real world). That is exactly what virtual reality is bringing to the world. However, lets all keep in mind that the VR, AR,MR are here only to modify life and not to take our human existence from the reality. The new technology is here to last and it is making its throughway. This is where the future is heading to. VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY, MIXED REALITY is the new discovery to a greater tomorrow.

virtual realityphoto credit to atticus digital


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Family’s pain after misdiagnosis cut short daughters life.

Violet Judith Awour was diagnosed with cancer of the liver last month  but unfortunately passed away on 8/05/2017.Her family is calling  on all her friends to help her raise funds that will be used to pay for her medical bill and mortuary expenses which now stands at kshs 1,000,000 ( 10,000 USD).

All donations can be made through:
MPESA Bill Number :891300
Account number:VIOLET
PayPal donate through: http://tinyurl.com/kzuj25h

Any kind of assistance or support will be highly appreciated and God bless you. Let us make this happen by using: #istandwithvioletonelasttime #keepsharing

Goodbyes  are not forever, are not the end, it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again


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Evolving from a small seed to an unbeatable giant. The power of technology. Technology evolves each day and tech geeks are not anywhere about to stop cracking their minds over codes. Yet another technology is coming into the market so fast that soon it will be your next buddy. This technology is not leaving anything to chance. This is the ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (AGI), also known as Strong AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Artificial General Intelligence evolves from the current Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the newbies in technology, wondering what exactly am talking about on artifical intelligence. Well, who would have thought that one day one could speak to a phone application (like google speech) and it performs the task it is instructed? That is a function of the AI to behave like a human by performing a task instructed to perform. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to mimic or behave like a human being. Artificial intelligence was incorporated in the fifth generation of computers and it uses natural languages to perform various tasks. AI has since been incorporated to perform various functions for example: It is used in chatbots by consumer brands to offer services at all times and also enhance employee interactivity, monitering of credit card transactions, video games, digital personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri and  Google’s Google Now and news generations.

Fantastic, with all the capabilities of the AI, we are wondering why we are calling the AGI, the next future. Well, the current AI is only capable of performing tasks specified to a certain application and not any random application.This is why it is referred to as weak AI. It uses the natural languages to perform the task, however according to research, a real AI system is one that can perform any general task assigned to it like a human being and that can learn new concepts. This is where the AGI comes in.

The Artificial General Intelligence according to the AGI Society, is the building of “thinking machines”; which behave completely like human beings with intelligence similar to that of humans and that are for general-purpose. The AGI, unlike the previous weak AI, will incorporate deep learning with neural networks that is used by the brain to enable the systems perform a task. The AGI aims towards domain-dependent and problem-specific solutions. When combined with quantum computing, it will become much faster and even smarter (maybe smarter than the human mind). It will enable human interactivity with the computer systems. Therefore we are looking into the future where we can instruct a system by asking it questions and giving us answers (unbelievable, right?)

Do not be left out on change. Technology has revolutionalized life and made the impossible possible. Therefore, though the coming of AGI is also a threat to humans, their occupations majorly, the AGI’s major functionality, will still be bringing along greater satisfaction as it will easen a great load of work. The new revolution of the strong AI is a great area to consider for all tech-geeks planning to venture into new tech arena’s. This is the next big thing. To avoid being left out in the dark behind the geek masks, lets peer into knowing the future. THE STRONG AI (ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE) IS THE NEXT FUTURE.

neural networksPhoto credit to Wizman Institute of Science.

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Well,  I know we are wondering what beast I am talking about here and how on earth does one mine a beast (uhm!) right? I remember my childhood days, when I heard of the word beast and stories on how the beast would attack you on doing anything wrong. That totally freaked me out. All I imagined was a very hairy, masked person who would attack and rip me apart mercilessly and leave me to rescue myself and at no cost would the beast accept any form of defeat. It had to emerge victorious. Therefore,  it is very impossible to fight off the beast and here we are thinking of how to mine the beast. Let’s venture into the mining exploration journey.

The mining exploration journey aims to bring out the beast in us and have it portrayed as a very unbelievably beautiful being admired for its greatness rather than it being viewed as cruel and harmful.

That beast is deep hidden in a quarry that ain’t visible from the outside, that is our inner being. Previously we talked about kicking in the treasure in us and if you missed out you can have a look at it here KICK IN THE HIDDEN TREASURE IN YOU

The very first step to kick in the treasure in us is by molding the beast in us. Being satisfied with who we are from inside and this will have a great positive impact to who we are on the outside.

Second, we need to accept ourselves for who we are according to how we were created. That way we will gain confidence in ourselves.

Thirdly, we need to love ourselves for who we are. We do not need to be sorry for loving ourselves. ( I am in lOVE with MYSELF should be the statement that first kicks in everyday when we wake up). Loving ourselves first will enable us not to depend on others for affection but instead it will draw others to us to get the affection from us. They will find a peaceful serenity in us. A young child is ever happy on having the affection of a parent and they look up to the parent as their hero or heroine. That is how the world will view us.

Fourth, should choose what makes us happy.  Living under the joys of others is never as fulfilling as doing what makes us happy.  If you feel like you need to go for a run do it because it is from our happiness that we grow stronger.

Fifth, we should be determined but resilient in what we set out to do.  Have goals that you want to accomplish and do not let anything stop you.  A beast never allows the cries of its prey stop it from accomplishing its mission.  The beast is always out to emerge victorious and that is how we should also be. Following a goal and pushing to be victorious in a task.

A diamond only becomes hard after undergoing very vigorous processes within the earth’s surface. It has to endure the eruptions of the earth’s surface and the high temperatures for it to become hard. If it could not have undergone the vigorous process for it to be formed,  it wouldn’t be as hard as it is. The mining process of diamonds is also vigorous and before it becomes precious it will have been sought after and mined for it to be available. We should all aim to mine the beast in us and endure till we become that priceless admirable figure from the outside. Therefore let’s all MINE THE BEAST IN US.

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I was looking at nature and seeing a great hidden treasure that is often unnoticed.Who wouldn’t want to have a treasure with them? Owning that priceless diamond (Oh my,Beyond believable) or discovering a very great area filled with nature’s beauty in space (Wooooow). We all long to own such treasures.Think of that treasure that can bring balance to nature, add more value to the world, add taste to the pleasures of life and can be relied upon to blossom into something much greater than its initial form. What can that jewel be?


Surprisingly, we have the answer within ourselves. We are that great jewel. We are the priceless diamond and we were given that treasure for free. Being a lady is the priceless jewel given to us. For ages, girls, ladies and women have failed to see the inner treasure in them and instead have viewed themselves as inferior, looking at the negative side of being a female. We need to be optimistic.

We are the treasure that was given to man as a helper to bring balance to nature, bring change to the world, add value to the world by bringing joy in the worst of circumstances. Am sure you are wondering how, ladies are the only ones who make people celebrate because of the birth of a new child in hospitals in the midst of hard situations. Therefore we need to embrace the female in us.

Close your eyes and see a landscape that is surrounded with mountains, a waterfall, a cave that is hidden by the flowing waterfall and green grassland and from the cave comes out a dazzling princess dressed in a colourful outfit walking past the flowing waterfall gracefully onto the land. Amazing, wonderful and breathtaking. That is how we females should view ourselves, as that princess bringing a great spark, colour, help, happiness and joy to nature.

Lets all embrace that feminine part of us, whether you are a young girl, a teenager, a youth or a mother. Gracefully enhance yourself. Have a me-time, take time and have a make-over, look stunning and glow in the feminine beauty, and most of all get the treasure in you, show it to the world by overcoming challenges. Diamonds cannot be broken and you are much more valuable than a diamond. Be bold and courageous to standout with all that we have blessed with.  GO GIRL AND EMBRACE THE BEST PART OF YOU.  LETS ROCK THE GIRL IN US


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