Ughhhh! not again! I am not prepared for this! Why do i have to do this all over? Why can’t they just listen to me for once? All this and many others tend to build some stress in us, especially when it keeps re-occurring severally until it becomes nagging to the mind. This is what we encounter in our day to day activities. This has become the common spoken word “I am stressed out, somebooody saaave meee.” Stress has taken over the new definition of happiness and most have forgotten the feel of happiness and joy in their lives.

The other big monster that takes over us and makes us forget about our lives and happiness is the anxiety beast. It comes and at all times. Before that awaited interview, while waiting for your prom queen/king to appear or before taking a jump into the ocean for some scuba diving (well, never tried this out, but I hear how fearsome the first try is hard to get through).

No need to worry again. Here is your most awaited way to know how to deal with this. Most of us have been eaten up by this beast at one point or another. The truth is that the remedy has all been around you the whole time.

We often forget about fruits and vegetables when it comes to daily meals. We are taken over by the smells of some KFC Chicken or some of the cold-ice creams from Cold-stone, Dairyland name it all. You know, that stress or anxiety reliever that you must have around to beat around that beast “successfully.” They all seem to treat this but, all that they do is to play games around with our brains. They raise our confidence and emotions for a short-lived moment before having our minds kick-in the truth in the reality on what is happening.

You are now all wondering what then is this that has been around us and can help resolve this? Well, FRUITS and VEGETABLES it is. They have been tested and tried and found that the increase the wellness of the mind and boosts psychological well-being.

According to a study conducted, the study leader Dr. Tamlin Conner, of the department of Psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, they found that those given extra fruits and vegetables each day for 14 days experienced a boost in motivation and their psychological well-being.



According to research, a cup of vegetables is approximately one large red pepper and a cup of fruits is the approximately equal to half a grapefruit or a large orange.

The researchers concluded that, “Providing young adults with high-quality FV, not texting them reminders to eat more FV and giving them a voucher, resulted in improvements to their psychological well-being over a two-week period. This is the first study to show that providing high-quality FV to young adults can result in short-term improvements in vitality, flourishing, and motivation. Findings provide initial validation of a causal relationship between FV and well-being, suggesting that large-scale intervention studies are warranted.”

We can now say goodbye to the stress’s and anxiety and start taking up more fruits and vegetables. They not only increase our psychological well-being but they are also helpful in curing diseases as well.





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From building one of the multi-billion dollar and largest company names that ever existed and branding multiple company logos. This is one of the most valued fruits around and one can tell from its health benefits. It is the only fruit approved by all medical firms and companies as being the healer fruit. This even goes a long way to make others “doctors” by the use of the famous phrase’An apple a day takes the doctor away’. Many become “doctors” when they use that phrase. They went a long way to be included among the cancer healer fruits being within the berry family.  Apple holds a special place in everyone’s fruit corner and it is a must do for all of us. We just cannot refrain from picking a few from the grocery or whole food shops.


However, there is so much hidden within this highly ‘exalted’ fruit that we all wish we knew of. They are the hidden apple secrets.

1. There are over 7000 different varieties of apples around the world.

Apples are grown in different parts of the world and they total up-to 7500 varieties having China and USA leading with US producing 2500 varieties. The varieties are many that it would day one 20 years to eat each of the varieties while eating one each day.

2. Apples we buy could be months old or a year old.

This is quite shocking, but there is no need to worry. They are totally safe for consumption. Farmers use a type of technology known as Controlled Atmosphere Storage which controls the atmosphere and the temperature of the storage location of apples enabling the apples get to you in their fresh state and make us believe they are directly from being picked from the farms.

3. Apples Brighten Teeth

This is amazing. The acid in the apples aid in whitening and brightening the teeth and also, the inside crispy and crunchy part is used to scrub away stains. However, it should be noted that apples are not a substitute to any form of toothpaste.

4. An apple lasts longer in a refrigerator than in room temperatures

Unlike most fruits, an apple stored under room temperature, tends to rot faster than one that is refrigerated. It actually ripens ten times faster than one stored in a fridge.

5. Apple accelerates the ripening of other fruits

Apples contain ethylene which is emitted as ethylene gas to increase the ripening speed of other fruits. It is advisable to include one apple in any bag containing unripe fruits to hasten their ripening speed.

Apple is the to go fruit at anytime. It serves multiple purposes from health, to being a quick snack and also a decorating object for other fruits in salads. Always remember to carry an apple with you wherever you go to kick the mid-morning hunger away. For those still around here is one unique fact that I cannot let you go before you know about it. Well, here it is, the shiny color found in apples is due to the wax applied to it after harvesting which also prevents bacteria and slows down its ripening.

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It is no longer just in SCI-FI movies or series where all sorts of unbelievable happenings took place. Things that remain unbelievable including using DNA to by-pass a computer’s pass codes in the investigative series. Well, this is not new to us. We have seen these happenings severally including going to the extent of looking at a person’s past events before death in Stitchers (your one unbelievable but interesting sci-fi series).

It is now a reality knocking and coming through. Research claims that now a DNA strand transcript with a malware can be used to infect computers and hack one’s way through the computer and get access to your details. This comes after a the University of Washington researchers say they successfully used custom strands of DNA to hack into computer, making this the first time for this to happen.

The DNA strands were encoded with a code which they said was to transmit the malware from biological to the technology scenes.

According to, Tadayoshi Kohno and Luis Ceze from the Paul G Allen school of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, they were able to remotely exploit and gain full control over the computer using the synthetic DNA. The DNA bases were read by a DNA sequencing equipment  which converted the molecular code into a computer code which had the ability to take over any computer that was connected to the DNA sequencer.

They stated that “The hack was only possible because of weakness in the DNA sequencing software, and only in this specific instance.” This therefore means that we should not have any cause of worry as it is not bound to happen anytime soon. “Note there is not present cause for alarm about the present-day threats. We have no evidence to believe that the security of DNA sequencing or DNA data in general is currently under attack”

Their research results was used to illustrate and bring to light the need for an enhanced security systems for computers and their users within all aspects of security including the DNA sequencing systems which are in use today.  This comes after the availability of an open-source sequencing software used by many labs for analysis of results. This not only portrays a need for more security within physical interactions of computers with humans but also a need for more cyber-security as the DNA sequences can easily be passed over the internet.

We all have to take caution, despite it not being a cause for concern in the near future. Well, we cannot still ignore it as technology gives us surprises after researchers having proved that it is possible to transfer data earlier on. Who knows whether within the next few months, that is the technique most hackers may be using. LET’S BE ALERT AND KEEP WATCH.

Like, share and subscribe for more technology exploration in a much easier and simplified way that we can all enjoy.

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They never cease to stop amazing us with new inventions and items that the programmers at Mark Zuckeburg’s chamber have in store for each of us. They are ever releasing new features and inventions to keep us all in the look for what next they are about to release. They did it once again. They are introducing a new video option within its feeds and menu.

This comes aside from the common video platforms like: YouTube, Vidme and Vimeo which take the lead as some of the most popularized video viewing platforms. Well, this did not scare away Facebook from trying out its luck in the video arena also.

From tomorrow, Facebook is expected to begin rolling out the video option in some parts of US as its first part mission in integrating this new feature into its systems. Facebook aims to also make this new feature accessible to other parts of the world. They aim at making people get onto Facebook much longer, not only to view their normal news and socialize with family and friends but now to stick around watching their own programmed videos.


Most of the videos will be programmed by Facebook itself and having some slots for a few others where, Facebook will be paying out 5% to the owners and the other 45% is retained by Facebook. However, it will also give out ad revenue to those who are publishing their own videos on their platform. Publishers also will be allowed breaks between their videos for adverts for those who want to generate an extra income from their episodes.

According to  Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckeberg, he says, “We believe it’s possible to rethink a lot of experiences through the lens of building community — including watching video. Watching a show doesn’t have to be passive . . . You’ll be able to chat and connect with people during an episode, and join groups with people who like the same shows afterwards to build community.”

A look at some of the videos they will be  are:

  • A&E’s “Bae or Bail:” – Reality TV game show where couples face their fears and see who runs
  • Gabby Bernstein – Motivational speaker and author answers fans’ life questions in live and recorded segments
  • Major League Baseball – The MLB will broadcast one game a week live on Facebook
  • Major League Baseball “12:25 Live” –  A comedic look at baseball with help from the fans
  • Mike Rowe – Rowe finds people who’ve done great things for their community and gives them a special experience in return
  • Nas Daily – Vlogger Nas (Correction: Not the rapper) makes videos with his biggest friends each day
  • Tastemade’s Kitchen Little – This cooking show sees kids watch a how-to recipe video, then instruct a pro chef how to make the dish with comedic results
  • All Def Digital’s “Inside the Office” – A look inside the office life at Russel Simmons’ hip-hop media empire

On the Facebook platform, users will be given multiple options to choose from on what video they want to watch. They will be displayed with a list to scroll through a number of shows and their various categories to choose from. Once a user opens an episode of a show, they will be able to see all details about the show and also have an option or a tab to join others watching the episode to have a live comment interaction with each other. This is a good move by Facebook as more people will be attracted more to the famous social media site having an edge over most other social sites. This is a bonus to them having almost hit a record of having 2 billion people using their site. With the income of the new watch option, thee will be no additional restrictions but all other standards set by Facebook will stand.

Am utterly amazed and awed by this new move by Facebook. Imagine after a whole tiring day, one can actually relax and watch one of their favorite episodes while having live interactions AMAAAZING with others also watching the same episode. This will be of help bringing those with similar interests together. The new feature by Facebook could soon be giving YouTube a run for its money with their new release.

Lets all enjoy the new feature.





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N3v3r m1^d, L1f3 Characters, letters and numbers mixed up all together is a common item for our eyes to see and for the brain to jumble about. This isn’t something new to us. We have used them severally with the believe that they are protecting our data and ensuring our privacy is intact. Y’all know by now what am referring to here , PASSWORDS. We have used them severally that it has become almost like a ritual for any site we visit. We expect it there. It began with email passwords and we adopted it until it is a “norm” for all sites.

For ensured security, guidelines were put in place to ensure that the passwords created were strong enough to prevent any behind the mask guy from accessing our details. This guidelines were compiled together by Bill Burr, a former manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

In 2003, Bill documented 8 pages with guidelines on the set standards for secure passwords which were referred to as NIST Special Publication 800-63 Appendix A. The guidelines he drafted came to remain the same ones used for ensuring strength of passwords in login portals, email accounts.

Years later when more research has been conducted on information security, having experts mention qualities of good passwords, Bill Burr told The Wall Street Journal, that he regrets setting those standards previously. 

Well, we can’t say that his was ignorance. No, I would say he did his best during that period considering he was not a security expert and there was little knowledge on internet security then. Actually, Bill should be applauded. This is because, his standards and guidelines are still the ones that have kept us secure years later despite cases of hacking into other’s accounts. 

Image credit: XKCD (published under a Creative Commons 2.5 license)

According to current research, good passwords are not ones with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers but rather is a passphrase which is a combination of common words together which makes it hard for anyone to try and gain access to accounts. According to Micah Lee, The Intercept, he says that a good, strong password can be created using a dice. This is where a dice is randomly rolled five times and each time the outcome is tabled down. Once all five numbers are tabled down, one selects the number and word alongside the number they got from a list of dice chart. A user is to do that severally to form at least more than one worded passphrase like a four worded passphrase which will take a computer 550 years to guess.

Therefore, despite Bill’s apology on the oversight of the passwords guidelines previously, he still protected most of our content and data. Therefore, I accept his apology and I do not condemn his previous guidelines. As we well know, technology is a matter of trial and error before one completely gets it correct.

We can’t really tell whether also the dice method will become obsolete later on when hackers find ways of bypassing the many trials or worse, with new AI’s creating their own language who knows they might actually be the next preying eyes behind the masks on our gadgets.

However, luckily we also don’t have to remember passwords anymore with new technologies that are killing passwords such as: fingerprints, DNA passwords, iris scanners and face recognition softwares.

 Let embrace the new way of forming passwords and protect our data and privacy from the syping eyes that are hidden within the corners of our gadgets that are waiting to prey into our privacy.

Wall Street Journal

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