Data bundles is the word. It makes us feel like tearing apart our phones to get to the Internet Service Providers. ( Not literally tearing apart the phone, but well, we cannot ignore the fact that when some of us were young, we would try to open up the TV set just to get to the news anchors speaking at the back of the screen). The same applies to the bundle issue. 

We all can admit at one point or another we felt like that. That time when you have purchased some data bundles and login to your WhatsApp ready to break everyone’s status with the memes, and out of nowhere, a text message comes in: “Dear customer your data bundle is almost finished.” Aaargh! I dread seeing this popup kind of message.

Severally, many have come up with different slogans, ” bitter option”,  to mock the rate at which their data bundles are being consumed. 

We come with good news for you today. Google’s has got your back. It heard your cry and since they never disappoint, they did it once again. Stolen our hearts with two amazing apps that will sort your data bundles issue. 

Google has created YouTube Go and Datally to help in saving your data bundles. The two apps work to ensure you get the best out of your internet experience at a lower and reduced data bundles usage. I will break it down for you how each helps to save your bundles. 


This is a new version of YouTube.  Similar to the “normal” YouTube, however, unique in the perspective that it saves on data. YouTube Go app has been launched by Google on its play store to 11 countries and Kenya being one of them. The app is currently in development, but, one can be able to download it and enjoy the experience.

I recently downloaded it and I must say, it has amazing features. The advantages are amazing.  What are some of the advantages am referring to here:

It saves on data by allowing users to select the quality at which they would like to watch the videos at. By offering three qualities to select from: Basic- Saves most of the data bundles, Standard and High quality, allowing users to decide their preferred choice.

It allows users to download videos for offline viewing  at a fast speed while saving data bundles.

It allows users to share their videos with their contacts. It does this by allowing the app to access a user’s contacts list and allows users to share the video with those on their contact list having the YouTube Go app. However, this is an extended functionality from their main YouTube version, the difference is YouTube Go accesses your contacts while YouTube allows sharing with those who me you are connected to on email.


This is an app that has control over your data bundles by using a bubble that floats on your screen which is like a speedometer for mobile devices. The app creates like a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which bypasses the ISP providers, in order for the app to save on data.

This app, works on all smartphones that have android 5 and other higher versions of android for it to work effectively.

The app has features that lets the user control the data on each and every app so that the data is only consumed by apps they are currently using while other apps in the background do not consume any data. 

The app lets users view the amount of data they consume on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to minitor their spending and usage. It also provides personalized alerts to let users know when apps start consuming a lot of data.

The app which was initially tested in Phillipines, according to the data collected, it was stated that users were able to save up to 30% of their mobile data depending on how they used the app.

The app only gets to work when users turn on the data saver, otherwise, downloading and installing the app without turning on the data saver will be as good as having an item with no purpose on the phone.

All you need to get this amazing apps, is

go to Google’s Play Store

Search for the one you want whether YouTube Go or Datally.

Download and install. And you have them in your phone.

The question would then be how much data do I need to download this apps? Google is smart. It made sure the apps have a great effect but with very little data bundles required when downloading. For the YouTube Go, It is currently downloadable with only 8mb while it’s still in development but expected to be an app with a total size of only 9mb while Datally only requires 20mb to download it.

This is good news to everyone. We no longer need to cry and lament about how fast our data bundles are being consumed. I believe those slogans will remain in 2017 as we get to take advantage of the new apps from Google from now onwards as we await to usher in 2018.

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What would happen if we decide to go against the norm? We live in a world where we mostly concur with anything that was stated from the early days and we live by it. Let’s take a simple example on the alphabets, we know that the first alphabet is “A”. We found it as it is and we all agreed to that. But, what if the first alphabet was to be “M”. Sure, we could all go by it, because it is what we were taught and grew up beliveing. That is the same case for any other word, or process.  Continue reading “GOING AGAINST THE NORM- THE UNEXPLAINED HAPPINESS”

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We all have experienced at one time or another, some embarrassing moments on Whatsapp. This is where, we accidentally send out a wrong message to the wrong person or to the wrong group. We end up wishing there is a way to delete sent whatsapp messages. Aaaargh! irritating right? That’s the point where we begin phrasing statements like, “sorry, wrong group” or “sorry, it wasn’t meant for you.” Those are some of the statements we all hate typing after realizing we sent a wrong message. This at times leads to laughter in groups or condemnation in other groups especially, if the text was an abusive one or totally different from how others perceive us. It then totally begins becoming a norm to cross-check the person’s name or group before sending out a text to avoid those embarrassing moments.

delete sent whatsapp messages


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AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be taking the lead faster than we expected. Beginning with the gurus in AI, one of them being Elon Musk, it has proved to be going beyond its barriers and taking over several activities including having a robot citizen.

From having the driverless cars from Tesla which proved to be a miracle in a world where, it seemed impossible. If we had been asked in the early 90’s whether we could ever have driverless cars, our obvious answer would have been NEVER, that’s totally insane.  But, well, it did happen.


Though, we cannot refute the fact that AI technology is beneficial, it is also harmful and a previous call by Elon Musk on watching the extend of use of this technology explained that robots could take over human beings if caution is not taken.

This can be seen as some robots are creating their own languages as experienced by Facebook developers. They had to shut them down before they end up with bots communicating in their own language and maybe they could be planning an attack on their own developers. Imagine being in a surrounding with bots communicating in a different language. What you would experience is the same as though you visit a region where the people are speaking a different native language than yours and you have to get an interpreter but unfortunately for the robots, there will be no interpreter.

Much can be said about the growth of AI and to save you all the jargon on what AI is check out full details on AI  here.

The interesting bit is that, now, AI may be controlling us after giving us a fascinating thrill with all its capabilities. It has peered deep into our minds and it soon could be part of us. (Oh my! Did I just say it could soon be part of us?) Scrap that out. Artificial Intelligence is now part of us. We have robots living next to us.

This comes days after Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to a robot. The robot goes by the name, Sophia. Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics team, led by David Hanson, the lead AI developer. The robot was announced a Saudi Arabia citizen during a business event at Riyadh. It is stated that the aim of making it a Saudi Arabia citizen is to, “Promote Saudi Arabia as a place to develop artificial intelligence.”

Sophia has stated during this year’s Future Investment’s Initiative, that it wants to live peacefully with human beings and to even work at their workplaces. This comes after it had previously stated that it would destroy humans during an interview.


Sophia was designed in Audrey Hepburn’s image, with high cheekbones and a slender nose. This gives it a human-like image and look. Interestingly, Sophia will be able to coexist with human beings due to its emotional nature that it has. Sophia has emotions just like any other human being, it can smile, frown like any human. However, there are some emotions like anger that it cannot display. The developers state that they made it this way to allow it to interact with humans effectively. It has 3D sensors that are able to sense anything and the sensors have a camera that allows her to see a person and communicate with the person. It can remember the person’s face enabling it increase its intelligence levels.

During the same interview, where it claimed it wanted to destroy humans, it claimed that it wants to have full functionality as a person, to be able to eat, work and even have a family of its own. That caught you by surprise, right? Well, it is absolutely true, it stated it wants to have a family. However, it stated, it is not a fully legal entity and that limits its capabilities. Good news for her, she is now a legal robot citizen of Saudi Arabia where it even thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It went further and made a remark when asked that people want to prevent a bad future, it stated, “people have been reading too much of Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies” As shown here

According to the company, it states, Sophia is an evolving genius machine, over time, her increasing intelligence and remarkable story will enchant the world and connect with people regardless of age, gender, and culture.”

Previously, it was stated that, soon we might have receptionists who are robots to attend to people. With Sophia already a robot citizen, do not be shocked when you walk up to a hotel front desk and you are welcomed by a robot citizen living within your country.

robot citizen

Having Sophia being instituted as the first ever humanoid robot given legal citizenship, it is soon expected that more and more upcoming robots are likely to be given legal citizenship by various countries.

You now may never know who your next door neighbor is, unless you take a closer look at them. It might not be the perceived, “girl next door,” as we call it. It could as well be, “the robot next door.” This is after Sophia has become the first ever robot citizen. This only justifies that some of the SCI-FI movies we watch are now becoming a reality.

However, lets appreciate the advantages of having the robots but let us not allow their power to overwhelm us and forget our creator in heaven. As some have moved on, into creating their own god’s like Anthony Levandowski, a former google employee who is creating his own religion.

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I take this moment to thank my creator for yet another opportunity to get this award and to all my loyal followers and family and friends who have been of support to me. I would say, it is a pleasure to get such a recognition owing to the fact that my blog is barely an year old.

I take this chance to greatly appreciate one beautiful lady, Esther,for nominating me for the award. I am honored and I appreciate the award. Do take time to look at her amazing website here at and get to be entertained by her creativity.

blogger recognition Continue reading “BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD”

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The question before we begin is: are you a 10/10? Have you ever tried taming yourself or make yourself wild?

We all have our different answers on this. It may be a yes, no or I am not sure. It all depends on how you view yourself.

It has been quite sometime before we looked at how to enhance the beast that we previously mined here.

selfbelieve1 taming yourself Continue reading “THE UNAPOLOGETIC YOU:FOREGOING THE TAME TO MAINTAIN THE WILD”

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Ever thought on seeing someone become “God’s messenger” apart from the only messenger we believe in being Jesus Christ? Religion might be taking a turn for some.
The world is changing so fast and with the freedom to choose your own religion. For others religion is a holy commitment to serve The Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). But for others, religion is the ability to see God in person and not have faith in believing the unseen as stated in Hebrews. There have been many religions in the world but not for Levandowski (former google engineer) who decides to become “God’s messenger” by creating his own religion & church, to the point of using technology to create a bot to resemble his own imagination of “God.”


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Going for a bicycle ride and receiving an official call by the touch of a button on your cloth or by swiping your finger over a section of your cloth. Am sure such a thought never crossed our minds at any one time in our early years and we could term it as something insane and impossible if it was mentioned in the early 2000’s. Well, nobody ever prophesied that the impossible will remain impossible, otherwise, the statement would have been termed as invalid. The true realization of the impossible being possible has had another comeback in yet another stylish, cool and elegant way.
smart jacket wearable tech Continue reading “WEARABLE TECH MAKES A DEBUT IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY”

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Walking down a lane and having a feel of my pocket. Oh no, not again. I left my phone in the house and I have to dash off to get it otherwise this post won’t get you in good time. Damn! I had to stop my work out schedule to get that phone. I need to post a picture with my friends at the gym working out and post it on Instagram #lose weight #exercise #fat lose. This are phrases we are fond of stating severally. What am I going to do to keep up with my practices and still get trends on what is happening around me? Wearable tech.

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Ughhhh! not again! I am not prepared for this! Why do i have to do this all over? Why can’t they just listen to me for once? All this and many others tend to build some stress in us, especially when it keeps re-occurring severally until it becomes nagging to the mind. This is what we encounter in our day to day activities.


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