AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be taking the lead faster than we expected. Beginning with the gurus in AI, one of them being Elon Musk, it has proved to be going beyond its barriers and taking over several activities including having a robot citizen.

From having the driverless cars from Tesla which proved to be a miracle in a world where, it seemed impossible. If we had been asked in the early 90’s whether we could ever have driverless cars, our obvious answer would have been NEVER, that’s totally insane.  But, well, it did happen.


Though, we cannot refute the fact that AI technology is beneficial, it is also harmful and a previous call by Elon Musk on watching the extend of use of this technology explained that robots could take over human beings if caution is not taken.

This can be seen as some robots are creating their own languages as experienced by Facebook developers. They had to shut them down before they end up with bots communicating in their own language and maybe they could be planning an attack on their own developers. Imagine being in a surrounding with bots communicating in a different language. What you would experience is the same as though you visit a region where the people are speaking a different native language than yours and you have to get an interpreter but unfortunately for the robots, there will be no interpreter.

Much can be said about the growth of AI and to save you all the jargon on what AI is check out full details on AI  here.

The interesting bit is that, now, AI may be controlling us after giving us a fascinating thrill with all its capabilities. It has peered deep into our minds and it soon could be part of us. (Oh my! Did I just say it could soon be part of us?) Scrap that out. Artificial Intelligence is now part of us. We have robots living next to us.

This comes days after Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to a robot. The robot goes by the name, Sophia. Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics team, led by David Hanson, the lead AI developer. The robot was announced a Saudi Arabia citizen during a business event at Riyadh. It is stated that the aim of making it a Saudi Arabia citizen is to, “Promote Saudi Arabia as a place to develop artificial intelligence.”

Sophia has stated during this year’s Future Investment’s Initiative, that it wants to live peacefully with human beings and to even work at their workplaces. This comes after it had previously stated that it would destroy humans during an interview.


Sophia was designed in Audrey Hepburn’s image, with high cheekbones and a slender nose. This gives it a human-like image and look. Interestingly, Sophia will be able to coexist with human beings due to its emotional nature that it has. Sophia has emotions just like any other human being, it can smile, frown like any human. However, there are some emotions like anger that it cannot display. The developers state that they made it this way to allow it to interact with humans effectively. It has 3D sensors that are able to sense anything and the sensors have a camera that allows her to see a person and communicate with the person. It can remember the person’s face enabling it increase its intelligence levels.

During the same interview, where it claimed it wanted to destroy humans, it claimed that it wants to have full functionality as a person, to be able to eat, work and even have a family of its own. That caught you by surprise, right? Well, it is absolutely true, it stated it wants to have a family. However, it stated, it is not a fully legal entity and that limits its capabilities. Good news for her, she is now a legal robot citizen of Saudi Arabia where it even thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It went further and made a remark when asked that people want to prevent a bad future, it stated, “people have been reading too much of Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies” As shown here

According to the company, it states, Sophia is an evolving genius machine, over time, her increasing intelligence and remarkable story will enchant the world and connect with people regardless of age, gender, and culture.”

Previously, it was stated that, soon we might have receptionists who are robots to attend to people. With Sophia already a robot citizen, do not be shocked when you walk up to a hotel front desk and you are welcomed by a robot citizen living within your country.

robot citizen

Having Sophia being instituted as the first ever humanoid robot given legal citizenship, it is soon expected that more and more upcoming robots are likely to be given legal citizenship by various countries.

You now may never know who your next door neighbor is, unless you take a closer look at them. It might not be the perceived, “girl next door,” as we call it. It could as well be, “the robot next door.” This is after Sophia has become the first ever robot citizen. This only justifies that some of the SCI-FI movies we watch are now becoming a reality.

However, lets appreciate the advantages of having the robots but let us not allow their power to overwhelm us and forget our creator in heaven. As some have moved on, into creating their own god’s like Anthony Levandowski, a former google employee who is creating his own religion.

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