We all have experienced at one time or another, some embarrassing moments on Whatsapp. This is where, we accidentally send out a wrong message to the wrong person or to the wrong group. We end up wishing there is a way to delete sent whatsapp messages. Aaaargh! irritating right? That’s the point where we begin phrasing statements like, “sorry, wrong group” or “sorry, it wasn’t meant for you.” Those are some of the statements we all hate typing after realizing we sent a wrong message. This at times leads to laughter in groups or condemnation in other groups especially, if the text was an abusive one or totally different from how others perceive us. It then totally begins becoming a norm to cross-check the person’s name or group before sending out a text to avoid those embarrassing moments.

delete sent whatsapp messages

The good news is here. We no longer have to type out the “sorry” phrase that we all dread anymore. Whatsapp now includes a new feature called “delete for everyone” or “recall message.”  The new feature has now being released to some users, however, it can only be used by those with the new Whatsapp version for both the sender and the recipient. This is for all Whatsapp messenger users, though it was initially released with the new Gb Whatsapp version, it is now available on the Whatsapp messenger version.

According to users who have started seeing it, say they notice it alongside the trash icon after installing the latest Whatsapp version. It comes in two forms, where we can delete content sent to others and a feature called, “Delete Me.” to only delete a message only from our own phones. It allows us to delete sent whatsapp messages containing any type of content; from messages, to GIF’s, videos, photos and contacts.

Everything has a good side but also caution has to be taken. For the new Whatsapp feature, one can only delete a message within seven minutes of sending otherwise, once seven minutes are gone, one cannot recall back their message. Also, one cannot recall back any message sent to a broadcast list. Though the message will be recalled back, Whatsapp will not notify users that the message was deleted.

This is good news for everyone especially for those who are sending out a message in a hurry and it ends up in another person’s chats. They can update their version to the latest version and be able to delete sent Whatsapp messages that they sent mistakenly.

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    1. True, its replacing most messaging services. The new feature is very beneficial and helps avoid shame while chatting. Welcome Mohamad

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