Going for a bicycle ride and receiving an official call by the touch of a button on your cloth or by swiping your finger over a section of your cloth. Am sure such a thought never crossed our minds at any one time in our early years and we could term it as something insane and impossible if it was mentioned in the early 2000’s. Well, nobody ever prophesied that the impossible will remain impossible, otherwise, the statement would have been termed as invalid. The true realization of the impossible being possible has had another comeback in yet another stylish, cool and elegant way.
smart jacket wearable tech

We could all think that with all the different areas where this technology has been implemented, it was the end of it. We were wrong. It was only but the beginning of yet another new item in the market. Am referring to the wearable technology. This has been a growing area with growth rate increasing each year. Catch a glimpse on more details about the wearable tech here. The wearable’s category’s latest new product is the smart jacket produced by the famous cloth-line, Levi together with Google which was a project they named, Jacquard.

Wearable Tech, the Ins and Outs of It

Unlike all other companies (Samsung, Apple, Sony, Oculus Rift with VR, Polar, Suunto) taking the lead with similar products in the wearable tech arena, the duo decided to go for a completely different lane on wearable tech items. They went for a lane not tried out by the rest. The smart jacket is made in such a way that the textile used in the making it, is conductive allowing the sensibility effect similar to that on smartphones.
smart jacket wearable tech

They have created the textile to be conductive and to be easily woven on the cloth retaining its denim nature but with better conductivity. The jacket is woven in such a way that a user can purchase any kind of jacket they prefer, having some showing the threads of the textile visibly on the cloth and others having invisible threads of the textile. The duo created the conductive textile in such a way that it is scale-able and can be used in other textile industries. It is expected to be used like any other wearable where users can receive notifications, calls directly from their jackets with a touch of the button where the technology has been implemented to fit any size of a button.

Wearable Tech, the Ins and Outs of It

The jacket allows wearers to have control over their calls, messages, navigation, music and other functionalities similar to smartphones by use of a swipe or a tap. It has a Bluetooth tag that enables its functionality like all other wearable tech items and it can be removed. The Bluetooth tag is inserted from an opening on the jacket’s cuff.
smart jacket wearable tech

There is nothing good that does not have its advantages and disadvantages. The smart jacket is no exception. It has an advantage on the battery life which is about two weeks long and can be charged via a USB. The disadvantage is that it can only with stand up to 10 times of washing. This is a turn off especially during the winter seasons and for people who are around dusty places as it means it does not have a long life span and its design is to have only a seasonal wash before breaking out and not a daily wash. Well, let’s hope that the life span in the washing lengths can be improved as the item is still new in the market.

The new smart jacket was released at the end of September and is expected to make its way to the market both physically and in the online market today, 2nd October. The jacket is expected to be selling at a price of $350.

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