Walking down a lane and having a feel of my pocket. Oh no, not again. I left my phone in the house and I have to dash off to get it otherwise this post won’t get you in good time. Damn! I had to stop my work out schedule to get that phone. I need to post a picture with my friends at the gym working out and post it on Instagram #lose weight #exercise #fat lose. This are phrases we are fond of stating severally. What am I going to do to keep up with my practices and still get trends on what is happening around me? Wearable tech.

The answer is to get myself a wearable tech item.  Probably different kind for different activities. This is not a new term in the market, and most of us have heard about it. Mainly, not from its rightful name but from some products that implement it like the smart watches. “Aaaaaah!” I thought so to. “So that is the origin of most of the smart watches.” You are absolutely right.Am sure by now the idea has already clicked in with a visual picture on what it is am referring to here. It is a form technology that is integrated together with wearable items to provide easier solutions on ways of using technological items like smartphones, even on busy schedules without having to feel a need to delegate some minutes off to check up on what is trending around us.

The wearable tech works by having a Bluetooth device attached to it.  The Bluetooth device, connects wirelessly to the smart phone to allow communication. It has some communication capability that allows users to access their information for example phone calls and notification messages as they come in. They have sensory features that connects to the user, to track progress for example fitness trackers improving the user’s health.

The wearable tech has been there for sometime bringing with its advancements in products that initially had only one purpose and making it possible to expand their functionalities. Areas where the wearable tech has been implemented is on watches (smart watches, sport watches) where we can look at the time while getting updates and notifications on what is happening around us including receiving calls.

The wearable tech did not stop at watches, it went further and made a great impact especially on women by incorporating the technology with fashionable items like jewelries such as rings and necklaces. One can simply have their jewelry match with their attire and have an elegant and stylish look while walking with confidence along the streets.

jewelry wearable tech
photo credit to cadjewelryskills

It has also been implemented on fitness trackers, VR- head mounted displays, fitness trackers, implants and going even further to smart tattoos. The wearable tech has eased the mood and notion that we always need to have our phones on our hands to stay informed. This has made life much simpler such that with some of the wearable tech, necessity of a phone nearby isn’t compulsory. It has also improved road safety as there is little diversion from the concentration on the road onto our phones while driving.

Fitness Tracker credit to Yoochallenge

Wearable tech items still have several demerits like: they are not fully accurate on their results especially for the fitness trackers that are used to measure loss weight, distance covered.

smart tattoo wearable tech
Smart Tattoo credit to duoskin.media.mit

The wearable tech is expanding at a great speed bringing a whole new comeback in new products being introduced into the market as the try incorporating the technology in every industry and field.

vr wearable tech
VR headset credit to wearable.com

They currently seem like they are becoming too much with each big company wanting to have a slice of the pie like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Oculus Rift for VR, LG, Motorolla, Suunto, Polar, Asus among others. However, it should not be taking that they are short term products and its range of expand-ability to be limited. It might turn out to be like the smart phones which were initially seen as not having much impact and today they are among the most valued products in the world. For more on wearable technology click here

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