Who ever thought that one day the imaginations of the mind would come to a reality? Technology has a new surprise for us all. Yet again, a new reality whose effects are going to last for decades to come. Virtual reality has hit the world with a strong influence on everything. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology in virtual reality headsets and has the ability to generate real world images and sounds that simulates one’s physical presence in an imaginary world that seems like a reality.


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The current virtual reality was introduced in 2010 by a teenager Palmer Luckey and it has since grown and new features have been introduced. It was first used in headsets for gaming. Its huge capability has enabled it to grow into other industries like the health sector for clinical therapy, hospitality sector, military sector, space sector and even the government sector. It has brought about a significant change to the industries.

Virtual reality revolution is being redefined through augmented reality and mixed reality. It is amazing how they all work. With the upcoming of the augmented reality, it now incorporates smell (unbelievable) into its great technology and it overlaps the real world. It is really amazing how tech fascinates us at all times.The AR is here to stay and its great effects were widely noticed after the first ever game Pokemon GO incorporated the AR. This brought a craze to the world. You might not be a tech lover but with the upcoming AR be sure you will fall in love with the technology. It captures the whole mind and sets you apart from the current world into another world where you can feel all motions taking place. Cool right! Physcally in the real world, mentally in a space-like world.

The science behind it still remains very unthought of. Virtual reality looks into how the brain works.The brain is able to interpret past experiences like knowing what kind of features are expected in a working environment or in a sandy beach environment. Virtual reality integrates this by aiming to create similar experiences in a virtual world to make the brain believe that it is in the real world. Know i bet you can figure out why VR is used to treat post-trumatic stress by emersing one into a virtual environment.

Think of that feeling you get when you immerse yourself in an imaginary scene enjoying the good sensations of life (escaping from the real world). That is exactly what virtual reality is bringing to the world. However, lets all keep in mind that the VR, AR,MR are here only to modify life and not to take our human existence from the reality. The new technology is here to last and it is making its throughway. This is where the future is heading to. VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY, MIXED REALITY is the new discovery to a greater tomorrow.

virtual reality credit to Atticus Digital


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