The question before we begin is: are you a 10/10? Have you ever tried taming yourself or make yourself wild?

We all have our different answers on this. It may be a yes, no or I am not sure. It all depends on how you view yourself.

It has been quite sometime before we looked at how to enhance the beast that we previously mined here.

selfbelieve1 taming yourself

Often, we find that we view ourselves according to how others view us. I would call it our view from the mirror’s perspective of the society.

This tends to form the backbone on who we really are. Am sure we have been in such a situation once or we are still there. This is where, our actions are determined by what others will say.  We find ourselves mostly relying on views and opinions from friends, family, relatives to boost our self believe. This is especially common after performing a certain act, where we eagerly wait for an affirmation on whether we did a good job or not. Without such an affirmation we are left wondering and asking ourselves questions like: Oh well (mmh), How well did I perform, Do I stand a chance in that competition, will they enjoy the meal among many others. This tends to cause our brains to linger around the same point preventing room for improvement as we are only clouded with the current situation.

self definition5 taming yourselfThis is common especially among the female gender where, we mostly base everything according to opinions and views we receive from others. (I, being one of them). Be it on the makeup, the hairstyle, the dressing name it all. We as the feminine gender are apparently the most affected by this kind of situation. We wait for that comment, “Oh my! You are looking great in that makeup,” as if it is a key to unlocking the door way to heaven.


self definition1 taming yourself
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However, have we ever sat down and asked ourselves, How Much Time Do I Spend Waiting for an Affirmation? Rarely, do we consider about the amount of time we spend waiting for an affirmation and yet we all claim to be time managers and time savers. We should all be ashamed of calling ourselves time managers and time savers while excluding the time taken waiting upon other’s opinions and views about ourselves. Assuming we take about 5 minutes per hour thinking on how others will view us, per day we will have used up 120 minutes resulting in 840 minutes per week on merely waiting upon someone else’s opinion. As they say, time is one precious element when gone can never be retrieved back.

Guilty right? We often feel that there is a need and urgency to please everyone based upon their views and opinions forgetting the fact that we are unique individuals and there is no part of a friend that is attached to you other than through the feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this should not limit how we view ourselves.

self definition2 taming yourself

As we mentioned previously on ways of mining the beast, we mentioned one way is putting ourselves before others. (However, not letting your ego overshadow people’s presence in your life). We as human beings often forget to put ourselves ahead and thus making us entitled to other people’s opinions and views. Not remembering that some might be having a plan to destroy you or make you. To ensure we take control of our lives we should always put ourselves first before accepting other people’s opinion to mold us to the person that God did not intend us to be.

selfdefinition3 taming yourself

It is high time that we as individuals become unapologetic of being ourselves and focus on building ourselves rather than letting external thoughts influence us. They can be termed as taming our wild side but we are only true to ourselves if we retain the person we really are. We do not need to become tame just to get a liking from others but rather we can still maintain the wild side of us and still portray a beautiful picture of who we are. Let’s keep our treasures well safe guarded.

The lion will always remain the king of the jungle no matter the situation. It does not have to be tamed to be of benefit to others. It still unleashes its benefits and exhausts its full potential by portraying its wild side.

selfdenition4 taming yourself
credit to picsmine

Note to oneself: Make yourself a priority and do not be apologetic on portraying your real image provided it does not hurt anyone or offend anyone else. Others will come and go with their opinions but you remain the same person in the end. Therefore, let’s all strive to be a 10/10 of ourselves.

Share, like and comment on the comment section below on some of the times/ situations you have found yourself compromising your-self believe and following opinions and views of others about yourself.


self definition6 taming yurself
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