Evolving from a small seed to an unbeatable giant. The power of technology. Technology evolves each day and tech geeks are not anywhere about to stop cracking their minds over codes. Yet another technology is coming into the market so fast that soon it will be your next buddy.

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This technology is not leaving anything to chance. This is the ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (AGI), also known as Strong AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Artificial General Intelligence evolves from the current Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the newbies in technology, wondering what exactly am talking about on artifical intelligence. Well, who would have thought that one day one could speak to a phone application (like google speech) and it performs the task it is instructed? That is a function of the AI to behave like a human by performing a task instructed to perform. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to mimic or behave like a human being. Artificial intelligence was incorporated in the fifth generation of computers and it uses natural languages to perform various tasks. AI has since been incorporated to perform various functions for example: It is used in chatbots by consumer brands to offer services at all times and also enhance employee interactivity, monitering of credit card transactions, video games, digital personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri and  Google’s Google Now and news generations.

Fantastic, with all the capabilities of the AI, we are wondering why we are calling the AGI, the next future. Well, the current AI is only capable of performing tasks specified to a certain application and not any random application.This is why it is referred to as weak AI. It uses the natural languages to perform the task, however according to research, a real AI system is one that can perform any general task assigned to it like a human being and that can learn new concepts. This is where the AGI comes in.

The Artificial General Intelligence according to the AGI Society, is the building of “thinking machines”; which behave completely like human beings with intelligence similar to that of humans and that are for general-purpose. The AGI, unlike the previous weak AI, will incorporate deep learning with neural networks that is used by the brain to enable the systems perform a task. The AGI aims towards domain-dependent and problem-specific solutions. When combined with quantum computing, it will become much faster and even smarter (maybe smarter than the human mind). It will enable human interactivity with the computer systems. Therefore we are looking into the future where we can instruct a system by asking it questions and giving us answers (unbelievable, right?)

Do not be left out on change. Technology has revolutionalized life and made the impossible possible. Therefore, though the coming of AGI is also a threat to humans, their occupations majorly, the AGI’s major functionality, will still be bringing along greater satisfaction as it will easen a great load of work. The new revolution of the strong AI is a great area to consider for all tech-geeks planning to venture into new tech arena’s. This is the next big thing. To avoid being left out in the dark behind the geek masks, lets peer into knowing the future. THE STRONG AI (ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE) IS THE NEXT FUTURE.

neural networksPhoto credit to Wizman Institute of Science.

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