Ever thought on seeing someone become “God’s messenger” apart from the only messenger we believe in being Jesus Christ? Religion might be taking a turn for some.
The world is changing so fast and with the freedom to choose your own religion. For others religion is a holy commitment to serve The Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). But for others, religion is the ability to see God in person and not have faith in believing the unseen as stated in Hebrews. There have been many religions in the world but not for Levandowski (former google engineer) who decides to become “God’s messenger” by creating his own religion & church, to the point of using technology to create a bot to resemble his own imagination of “God.”

Anthony Levandowski was formally an employee at Google who recently resigned to go into making his own robots using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as he believes in making an impact and standing out as an individual. He founded the self-driving company, Otto which was later acquired by Uber. He founded his own religion known as Way of the Future which he heads. Although he has not yet submitted his religion’s forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to qualify to be exempted from taxes as a religious organization, the documents show him as the CEO and President of the religion.
Although, Levandowski’s act has been seen as challenge and is expected not to be welcomed by Elon Musk who is well-known for his expertise on the creation of OpenAI for regulation of AI development. This comes after Elon Musk and other experts in the AI field called out on the ban of killer robots when he said that, “AI was humanity’s biggest existential threat, more dangerous than North Korea.”
religious-AI bot
I would personally say, this is an extreme way to use technology. Despite the fact that technology is changing lives for the better, in my personal opinion, this is a mockery to the Most High God and does not abide to the laws and commandments of the Bible.
Though AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to be controlling and running most of the systems in the world in a few years to come being termed as the next future, making AI “god’s as form of worship is an extreme use of the technology and should not be allowed.
Share your opinion & views on this method of using technology to create physical “god’s” in the form of robots and whether you are in support of it.
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