Big Brother is watching…N3v3r m1^d, L1f3 Characters, letters and numbers mixed up all together is a common item for our eyes to see and for the brain to jumble about. This isn’t something new to us. We have used them severally with the believe that they are protecting our data and ensuring our privacy is intact. Y’all know by now what am referring to here , PASSWORDS. We have used them severally that it has become almost like a ritual for any site we visit. We expect it there. It began with email passwords and we adopted it until it is a “norm” for all sites.

For ensured security, guidelines were put in place to ensure that the passwords created were strong enough to prevent any behind the mask guy from accessing our details. This guidelines were compiled together by Bill Burr, a former manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

In 2003, Bill documented 8 pages with guidelines on the set standards for secure passwords which were referred to as NIST Special Publication 800-63 Appendix A. The guidelines he drafted came to remain the same ones used for ensuring strength of passwords in login portals, email accounts.

Years later when more research has been conducted on information security, having experts mention qualities of good passwords, Bill Burr told The Wall Street Journal, that he regrets setting those standards previously.

Well, we can’t say that his was ignorance. No, I would say he did his best during that period considering he was not a security expert and there was little knowledge on internet security then. Actually, Bill should be applauded. This is because, his standards and guidelines are still the ones that have kept us secure years later despite cases of hacking into other’s accounts.

Image credit: XKCD (published under a Creative Commons 2.5 license)

According to current research, good passwords are not ones with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers but rather is a passphrase which is a combination of common words together which makes it hard for anyone to try and gain access to accounts. According to Micah Lee, The Intercept, he says that a good, strong password can be created using a dice. This is where a dice is randomly rolled five times and each time the outcome is tabled down. Once all five numbers are tabled down, one selects the number and word alongside the number they got from a list of dice chart. A user is to do that severally to form at least more than one worded passphrase like a four worded passphrase which will take a computer 550 years to guess.

Therefore, despite Bill’s apology on the oversight of the passwords guidelines previously, he still protected most of our content and data. Therefore, I accept his apology and I do not condemn his previous guidelines. As we well know, technology is a matter of trial and error before one completely gets it correct.

We can’t really tell whether also the dice method will become obsolete later on when hackers find ways of bypassing the many trials or worse, with new AI’s creating their own language who knows they might actually be the next preying eyes behind the masks on our gadgets.

However, luckily we also don’t have to remember passwords anymore with new technologies that are killing passwords such as: fingerprints, DNA passwords, iris scanners and face recognition softwares.

Let embrace the new way of forming passwords and protect our data and privacy from the syping eyes that are hidden within the corners of our gadgets that are waiting to prey into our privacy.

Wall Street Journal

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    1. Most welcome. This is something everyone should get to know considering hacking is now on the rise as well as cyber insecurities. All should be give the opportunity to know how to make their passwords more secure

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