Well,  I know we are wondering what beast I am talking about here and how on earth does one mine a beast (uhm!) right? I remember my childhood days, when I heard of the word beast and stories on how the beast would attack you on doing anything wrong. That totally freaked me out. All I imagined was a very hairy, masked person who would attack and rip me apart mercilessly and leave me to rescue myself and at no cost would the beast accept any form of defeat. It had to emerge victorious.


Therefore,  it is very impossible to fight off the beast and here we are thinking of how to mine the beast. Let’s venture into the mining exploration journey.

The mining exploration journey aims to bring out the beast in us and have it portrayed as a very unbelievably beautiful being admired for its greatness rather than it being viewed as cruel and harmful.

That beast is deep hidden in a quarry that ain’t visible from the outside, that is our inner being. Previously we talked about kicking in the treasure in us and if you missed out you can have a look at it here KICK IN THE HIDDEN TREASURE IN YOU

The very first step to kick in the treasure in us is by molding the beast in us. Being satisfied with who we are from inside and this will have a great positive impact to who we are on the outside.

Second, we need to accept ourselves for who we are according to how we were created. That way we will gain confidence in ourselves.

Thirdly, we need to love ourselves for who we are. We do not need to be sorry for loving ourselves. ( I am in lOVE with MYSELF should be the statement that first kicks in everyday when we wake up). Loving ourselves first will enable us not to depend on others for affection but instead it will draw others to us to get the affection from us. They will find a peaceful serenity in us. A young child is ever happy on having the affection of a parent and they look up to the parent as their hero or heroine. That is how the world will view us.

Fourth,we should choose that which makes us happy.  Living under the joys of others is never as fulfilling as doing what makes us happy.  If you feel like you need to go for a run do it because it is from our happiness that we grow stronger.

Fifth, we should be determined but resilient in what we set out to do.  Have goals that you want to accomplish and do not let anything stop you.  A beast never allows the cries of its prey stop it from accomplishing its mission.  The beast is always out to emerge victorious and that is how we should also be. Following a goal and pushing to be victorious in a task.

A diamond only becomes hard after undergoing very vigorous processes within the earth’s surface. It has to endure the eruptions of the earth’s surface and the high temperatures for it to become hard. If it could not have undergone the vigorous process for it to be formed,  it wouldn’t be as hard as it is. The mining process of diamonds is also vigorous and before it becomes precious it will have been sought after and mined for it to be available. We should all aim to mine the beast in us and endure till we become that priceless admirable figure from the outside. Therefore let’s all MINE THE BEAST IN US.


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Author: Stacy

Stacy is a tech enthusiast and a blogger on trending technology topics, healthy life choices, inspirations and doing roundups on different locations I get to travel to. I am a lady who supports feminine power and growth.

11 thoughts on “MINING INTO THE BEAST ”

  1. Totally agree, we are fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. Let’s mine the beast because we have what it takes. Believe in yourself and get it going.

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