We can call them poisonous toxic comments. We all love doing something that we enjoy but what happens when we end up doing something that we do not enjoy? We get bored, put off and so on . We all use social media apps as a way to interact with others in the world by forming small communities of friends and probably, like-minded people and as a way to entertain ourselves.


Social media freedom has been on the rise to a point where the freedom becomes toxic and people end up abusing the freedom. On several occasions we are sure to bounce and land on some nasty comment on some random post within social media sites. This has led to the decrease in the energy and psyche to use this sites. There times when we have to be cautious of how we express ourselves to avoid getting some nasty and foul-mouthed comments.


Instagram social media app is no exception among the major social media sites where freedom has been abused. This is where most of the vulgar, nasty , foul-mouthed (however, you would wish to express them) comments are found. Due to the fact that the Instagram social media app focuses mainly on sharing of photos and videos, it has risen to be the arena where, the worst offenders of such comments are found.

According to a statement written by Instagram’s CEO & Co-founder, Kevin Systrom, concerning their interaction and experience while using the Instagram social media app, he said, “Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from enjoying Instagram and expressing yourself freely.” The good news is here. Finally, users can enjoy using the app without any worry of any unwarranted comment. Thanks to the introduction of an AI by Instagram to be used to tackle the issue.

The new AI, will be used to filter and block certain offensive comments on posts and live videos on the Instagram social media app.

The AI, will use Machine Learning, to spot offensive comments that Instagram previously was unable to spot. The new system put in place by Instagram yesterday, will use a system known as Deep Text which was developed by Facebook with an aim to combat terrorism within the social media app. The Deep Text which functions like human beings by mimic the way humans deduce the meaning of a word from the adjacent words surrounding a particular word, therefore, mimicking how languages work on the brain

With an aim of blocking offensive comments, users will be able to turn the filter on or off. To access the filter option, click the ellipsis (…) symbol on the settings menu from the profile section and then go to the comments. There you can turn the filter on or off as desired. However, despite the filter being there, users comments will appear as usual and users can still report offensive, vulgar and nasty comments.

Instagram will also use spam filters to make the Instagram social media app safe for users. The spam filter will look for a spam within the comments (the common spams such as follow me to get more followers or placing product links within the comment section). the spam filter will block all spams from users posts According to Wired, they stated that, “As with spam, the comments are rated based both on a semantic analysis of the text and factors such as the relationship between the commenters and the poster, as well as the commenter’s history. Something typed by someone you’ve never met is more likely to be graded poorly than something typed by a friend.”

The aim of the new improvements by Instagram is to safeguard self-expression as an important step in fostering more inclusive, kinder communities and help us as the users feel safer and more welcome on Instagram.

Source: Kevin Systrom CEO & Co-founder, Instagram





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