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Hello great ones. This is one of the great days ever in my blogging history that I have marked on my calendar. The day I have received my first nomination for a blogging award. I am very excited to be blessed with such an opportunity, one month down since I began blogging at the beginning of May 2017.

I began blogging because of my love of expressing my thoughts and with an aim of keeping up to date with the latest technology trends and as an inspiration to ladies to embrace themselves and involve themselves in industries which were previously referred to as male-dominated.

I was nominated for this award by Nifemi who is a health and fashion blogger. If you want to quit the junk food habit and be healthy while rocking that great sense of fashion, be sure to check out her awesome blog here: nyphewrites. Thank you Nifemi for the recognition.

The rules to the award are:

  • Display the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules of the award.
  • Thank the person/blogger who nominated you and provide a link to the nominator’s blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog .
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question (specify)
  • Nominate bloggers
  • Share the link(s) to your best post(s)

What is Mystery Blogger Award?

Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. It is an award for bloggers whose blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. The award was created by Okoto Enigma, who turned her boredom and love for fashion and passion for writing into something productive. Thank you Okoto Enigma for the creation of such an awesome award. To check out her blog click here: Okoto Enigma

Three Things About Myself

  1. I am a feminist who likes to see the feminine gender thrive in all fields male-dominated or non-male dominated.
  2. I enjoy and love travelling to different places to explore new cultures and diversity in people’s way of living.
  3. I enjoy cooking and like trying out new recipes.

My Answers to Nifemi’s Questions

1. What is the silliest thing you have ever done?

Well, I wouldn’t say am much of a crazy person or a weirdo but the silliest thing i have ever done is trying to hide under some heap of sand and loosing my shoe while in my pre-primary school years while hiding during some hide and seek game. Very weird!

2. Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?

I get my blogging inspiration from evolving trends in the technology industry by trying to keep at pace with each new release or new event in any part of the industry.

3. What is your dream country?

Spain. The country is so pretty and it holds so much history in it.

4. Luxuries or Love?

Love. Love covers a multitude of aspects in life and with it you can live and build yourself from scratch at whichever point you’re at.

5. What’s your best read ever?

It has to be, BE ALL YOU CAN BE by JOHN C. MAXWELL. That is one book that kick-starts your day to become a successful one.

My Nominees

Sparsha Mishra:



Bowelo XO:


Jennifer Ravon:

Nana Adoma:


Little Fears:


Mohamad Al Karbi:

Nick Kush:

My Questions to My Nominees

  1. What is the craziest/weirdest thing you would wish to do if given the chance to do it?
  2. What inspired you to begin blogging?
  3. What part of your life can you correct if given the chance to do so?
  4. Which is the most memorable moment of your life?
  5. Which is country would you say is the a must travel to country?

Links To My Best Posts






This was a long read but I want to thank you for stopping by and taking time to read it. I was great and humbling being nominated for this award. I am sure you have learnt a few new things about this girl behind the updates in technology trends. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Until we meet again, enjoy the current awesome things in tech as you await also for the release of the first car from Tesla to the market tomorrow, 7 July, 2017.


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Women have been a center of molestation and bedevilment over the years. We have been viewed as inferior people within the human-race and as unworthy of being part of any great position or role within the society. Leading to being labelled with tags such as inferior, unable, unworthy, useless, name it all. This has led to some fields and industries classifying themselves as male industries, such as medical fields, technology fields and engineering fields. This has been aggravated by the male gender taking advantage of a female and denying them chances in these fields. Women applying for positions in such fields are accepted as a last option and women competing for the same leadership positions tend to be looked down upon because of their gender. This happens despite one being very good or a prowess in a certain matter.

Luckily as years go by, due to women empowerment, more women stand against such vices and succeed within the male-dominated industries.

Despite women empowerment and gender-equality rules being passed on in government constitutions, women still experience challenges. This is especially for those in the tech industry. Many women are still being sexually assaulted and abused by their fellow colleagues and bosses.

Most women tend to be sexually harassed as a price to getting promotions within their offices in the tech-industry, or in order for them to get employed at a certain company. They are mostly told that by their leaders and failure to which they end up not getting their rightfully acquired posts.

Recently, within Silicon Valley, the famous arena for developers and programmers, women have come out in large numbers to openly reveal their hidden cries which were caused by sexual harassment within their places of work. The turmoil over sexual harassment within Silicon Valley came to light on Monday after one of the prominent investors,  Dave McClure, resigned from the company. This came after a woman, Sarah Kunst, braved up and went on live to state and reveal to the New York Times about an unwarranted advance from Dave McClure, as she was applying for a job at the company.

The stand taken by Sarah Kunst, was a great one and one to be emulated by all other ladies in the industry and in any other field. After her act, Dave McClure, apologized saying that, “I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry,” which led him to resigning.

Other women came out to embrace their inner courage and speak out of having experienced similar acts from the same investor, Dave McClure. Other women also spoke out loudly on experiencing the same acts in other companies as well by other tech executives, including Marc Canter, a start-up adviser, whose suggestive messages to Wendy Dent, an executive with the start-up Cinemmerse, were reviewed by The Times.

Earlier on, Susan J. Fowler,spoke up on sexual harassment. Her account of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation at Uber led to internal investigations that spurred the resignation of Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, encouraged women who had been subjected to sexual harassment to speak up.

The various actions taken by these ladies should be a stepping stone for all ladies to speak up against sexual pervasiveness within the tech industry. Many women came out on twitter to stand for a sexual harassment free arena within the tech industry and to speak out against such vices. The posts encouraged women in the tech industry to speak up and not to allow themselves to be disrespected and humiliated by their fellow colleagues within the industry.

This should also act as a call to other women in other industries to also join in, and stand against sexual harassment in their various capacities.

Lets all, as ladies stand up and say no to sexual harassment in the tech industry and create an environment that is friendly for future generations to come.  SPEAK UP AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. For the men, stand for what is right, stand for your sisters, mothers, aunts, wives and nieces against molestation and sexual harassment.

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Artificial Intelligence has been termed as being the next great breakthrough in the technology world. It has been seen to produce very impressive results and also to ease work and make life much simpler by using its deep and machine learning in conjunction with neural networks to solve problems.

AI has brought tremendous improvements and it has made us get impressed. This is from some of the work performed by AI like Google AI’s making other AI’s, the AlphaGO AI that defeated the best Go Master player in a world game, creation of chatbot’s and the list goes on, on the many impressive works by AI’s.

AI’s have proven to be good at their work. But the question is how perfect are AI’s and can they go wrong? Recently, with Microsoft’s chatbot’s, that is used to tweet with people designed to engage and entertain people where they connect with each other online through casual and playful conversation. This was to enable it learn how people converse. However, after sometime it became a racist bot displaying unwanted and unprecedented messages.

Too creepy

A similar thing has just happened with the new inspirobot which is to generate inspirational and motivational posters. The likes of “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The kind of posters that you would read each morning to get the days strength.

Oh…really.. insane

However, the AI would be said to have gone insane, occasionally posting quotes that are meaningless and worst of all generating creepy and scary quotes that are unnerving. This leaves us all in wonder on what inspiration should we get on waking up expecting to get one quote to kick-start our day but end up finding one creepy, worthless quote.

Very Weird and unwarranted

Information concerning the creators is currently unknown according to Crunchbase. As well, information on how the AI is creating such posts is also unknown. According to the IFL Science, it states that, “It is possible that the horrifying nature of its creations is intentional rather than accidental.” According to the inspirobot Twitter feed description, it states that justifies the statement by IFL as it describes itself as, “Forever generating unique inspirational quotes for the endless enrichment of pointless human existence.”

Unproductive and destructive


Creepy, scary, dehumanizing

To have an experience of the bot’s generation of posters, you can go to its website: Inspirobot

Like, share and you can leave a comment on your experience with the bot on the comment section below.

Source: Nerdist

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The joy of every parent is to see their children grow up and flourish into young adults with skills and talents. Meanwhile as all parents hope for the best future for their children, an Algerian father obsessed by the social media and branding craze for likes dangled his child out of a widow of a 15th floor apartment which is relatively 150 feet high to get 1000 likes on Facebook.

Content creation has been on the rise and with every content creator trying to gain traffic to their content through the social media and branding craze for likes, the Algerian dad went too far with this.  This happened recently after the father’s day celebrations where fathers were celebrated for their love of their family and children.

The Algerian father saw that the common content marketing strategy for content creators was not good for him and he decided to embrace this social media and branding craze for likes by attempting to drop the child down if he got no likes on Facebook. He did this on a video he posted of the child held by his shirt 150 feet above the street with a caption ” 1000 likes or I will drop him”. I would say this an act that went beyond realism and humanity despite being obsessed with the social media and branding craze for likes.

The act performed by the Algerian father, believed to be from the city of Bab Ezzouar was not welcomed as he expected by getting the likes, instead once Facebook users got the shocking and unbelievable video clip, he was reported to the authorities. The Algerian man ( I suppose no father who loves their children can do such an act just to get on top of the social media and branding craze for likes) was tried and charged on child abuse charges according to Al Arabiya. This came after Facebook users demanded him to be tried and charged and the prosecutors took him to court where they concluded  the reason for the horrendous act was to gain high views and likes to beat the rest in the social media and branding craze for likes on the facebook social media site.

Media activist Dalila Belkheir said the man was ‘not a father but a terrorist’ while rights activist Ali Ben Jeddou said told Albawaba: ‘This man should be brought to justice and punished in the most severe way’. Reactions online by one user was: “What is most striking is that it appears that the father is carrying his son with his left hand while using his right hand to take the picture, this means the picture is more important than the child’s life.’ According to Psychologist Dr Noura Rahmani told the New Arab the actions could not and should not be tolerated in Algeria, adding that the father may not have been aware he was committing a crime.

This an indication of rise of the social media and branding craze for likes and views among many people. It should be noted that we should all be aware of the social media and branding craze for likes and social media sites should take stun actions to detect such incidences just as Facebook took an initiative to fight terrorism online.  SHARE and let others know and be wary of the consequences of allowing the social media and branding craze for likes and views obsession get over them.


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It is common for parents to ensure that their children are secured at all times. Often, parents are fond of advising their children on matters relating to the world, on how to be well-behaved, how to interact with others by avoiding strangers, precautions to take in case of any occurrence of an accident or unexpected event. I am sure this has helped shape our lives in one way or another we always give gratitude to our parents for their great parenting. Salute to all parents. The guidelines given mostly pertains to the offline part of our life.

With the rapid evolution of technology, children now have internet access at all times from the time they are young. Parents are ever cautious on what children are accessing online and some if not most can attest to having searched on ways to incorporate parenting control using applications, to what their children can have access to online and also going to the extent of trying to monitor how secure the children are through the interactions they make online.. The question remains how can we impact great parenting online?

Google has solved the question by introducing a new school curriculum that teaches children on how to identify any case of a security threat online. This is to enable students become  smart, positive and kind online as Pavni Diwanji VP of Engineering  for Kids and Families refers to it.  The school curriculum was developed by google in collaboration with online safety companies like Internet Keep Safe Coalition, Connect Safely and Family Online Safety Institute. 

The curriculum focuses on five major lessons.  These lessons are:-

Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake This can be implemented by students analyzing signs of phishing or pharming within a website 

Be Internet Strong: Students learn to secure their secrets like accounts online to prevent hacking into their accounts

Be Internet Kind: Students learn how to interact with others kindly especially across social networks and mediums. 

Be Internet Smart: Students learn how to share with care

Be Internet Brave: Students are taught on how to react in case they notice anything absurd while online and are advised to speak out about anything that seems fishy to them

We all love visualized learning as it helps content to be understood much easily and to be retained within the memory longer.  Google is amazing, it has made it even more possible for students to become internet awesome also outside the school curriculum by introducing a game known as Interland that enables students enhance their skills in becoming internet awesome.

Parents have also not been left out within Google’s new curriculum “be internet awesome”. Children can be difficult to control and communicate with at times especially as they near teenage hood, especially on topics that don’t interest them such as digital safety. Google partnered with YouTube creators to launch the “be internet awesome” challenge.

Google’s new curriculum is a sigh of relief to parents especially during this summer season when students are at home.  It will ease their burden on having to be alert at all times checking on the children. Parents let’s all take the initiative to make our children be internet awesome. For more information check on Google Site



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Family’s pain after misdiagnosis cut short daughters life.

Violet Judith Awour was diagnosed with cancer of the liver last month  but unfortunately passed away on 8/05/2017.Her family is calling  on all her friends to help her raise funds that will be used to pay for her medical bill and mortuary expenses which now stands at kshs 1,000,000 ( 10,000 USD).

All donations can be made through:
MPESA Bill Number :891300
Account number:VIOLET
PayPal donate through:

Any kind of assistance or support will be highly appreciated and God bless you. Let us make this happen by using: #istandwithvioletonelasttime #keepsharing

Goodbyes  are not forever, are not the end, it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again


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Evolving from a small seed to an unbeatable giant. The power of technology. Technology evolves each day and tech geeks are not anywhere about to stop cracking their minds over codes. Yet another technology is coming into the market so fast that soon it will be your next buddy. This technology is not leaving anything to chance. This is the ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (AGI), also known as Strong AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Artificial General Intelligence evolves from the current Artificial Intelligence (AI). For the newbies in technology, wondering what exactly am talking about on artifical intelligence. Well, who would have thought that one day one could speak to a phone application (like google speech) and it performs the task it is instructed? That is a function of the AI to behave like a human by performing a task instructed to perform. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to mimic or behave like a human being. Artificial intelligence was incorporated in the fifth generation of computers and it uses natural languages to perform various tasks. AI has since been incorporated to perform various functions for example: It is used in chatbots by consumer brands to offer services at all times and also enhance employee interactivity, monitering of credit card transactions, video games, digital personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri and  Google’s Google Now and news generations.

Fantastic, with all the capabilities of the AI, we are wondering why we are calling the AGI, the next future. Well, the current AI is only capable of performing tasks specified to a certain application and not any random application.This is why it is referred to as weak AI. It uses the natural languages to perform the task, however according to research, a real AI system is one that can perform any general task assigned to it like a human being and that can learn new concepts. This is where the AGI comes in.

The Artificial General Intelligence according to the AGI Society, is the building of “thinking machines”; which behave completely like human beings with intelligence similar to that of humans and that are for general-purpose. The AGI, unlike the previous weak AI, will incorporate deep learning with neural networks that is used by the brain to enable the systems perform a task. The AGI aims towards domain-dependent and problem-specific solutions. When combined with quantum computing, it will become much faster and even smarter (maybe smarter than the human mind). It will enable human interactivity with the computer systems. Therefore we are looking into the future where we can instruct a system by asking it questions and giving us answers (unbelievable, right?)

Do not be left out on change. Technology has revolutionalized life and made the impossible possible. Therefore, though the coming of AGI is also a threat to humans, their occupations majorly, the AGI’s major functionality, will still be bringing along greater satisfaction as it will easen a great load of work. The new revolution of the strong AI is a great area to consider for all tech-geeks planning to venture into new tech arena’s. This is the next big thing. To avoid being left out in the dark behind the geek masks, lets peer into knowing the future. THE STRONG AI (ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE) IS THE NEXT FUTURE.

neural networksPhoto credit to Wizman Institute of Science.

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Well,  I know we are wondering what beast I am talking about here and how on earth does one mine a beast (uhm!) right? I remember my childhood days, when I heard of the word beast and stories on how the beast would attack you on doing anything wrong. That totally freaked me out. All I imagined was a very hairy, masked person who would attack and rip me apart mercilessly and leave me to rescue myself and at no cost would the beast accept any form of defeat. It had to emerge victorious. Therefore,  it is very impossible to fight off the beast and here we are thinking of how to mine the beast. Let’s venture into the mining exploration journey.

The mining exploration journey aims to bring out the beast in us and have it portrayed as a very unbelievably beautiful being admired for its greatness rather than it being viewed as cruel and harmful.

That beast is deep hidden in a quarry that ain’t visible from the outside, that is our inner being. Previously we talked about kicking in the treasure in us and if you missed out you can have a look at it here KICK IN THE HIDDEN TREASURE IN YOU

The very first step to kick in the treasure in us is by molding the beast in us. Being satisfied with who we are from inside and this will have a great positive impact to who we are on the outside.

Second, we need to accept ourselves for who we are according to how we were created. That way we will gain confidence in ourselves.

Thirdly, we need to love ourselves for who we are. We do not need to be sorry for loving ourselves. ( I am in lOVE with MYSELF should be the statement that first kicks in everyday when we wake up). Loving ourselves first will enable us not to depend on others for affection but instead it will draw others to us to get the affection from us. They will find a peaceful serenity in us. A young child is ever happy on having the affection of a parent and they look up to the parent as their hero or heroine. That is how the world will view us.

Fourth, should choose what makes us happy.  Living under the joys of others is never as fulfilling as doing what makes us happy.  If you feel like you need to go for a run do it because it is from our happiness that we grow stronger.

Fifth, we should be determined but resilient in what we set out to do.  Have goals that you want to accomplish and do not let anything stop you.  A beast never allows the cries of its prey stop it from accomplishing its mission.  The beast is always out to emerge victorious and that is how we should also be. Following a goal and pushing to be victorious in a task.

A diamond only becomes hard after undergoing very vigorous processes within the earth’s surface. It has to endure the eruptions of the earth’s surface and the high temperatures for it to become hard. If it could not have undergone the vigorous process for it to be formed,  it wouldn’t be as hard as it is. The mining process of diamonds is also vigorous and before it becomes precious it will have been sought after and mined for it to be available. We should all aim to mine the beast in us and endure till we become that priceless admirable figure from the outside. Therefore let’s all MINE THE BEAST IN US.

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I was looking at nature and seeing a great hidden treasure that is often unnoticed.Who wouldn’t want to have a treasure with them? Owning that priceless diamond (Oh my,Beyond believable) or discovering a very great area filled with nature’s beauty in space (Wooooow). We all long to own such treasures.Think of that treasure that can bring balance to nature, add more value to the world, add taste to the pleasures of life and can be relied upon to blossom into something much greater than its initial form. What can that jewel be?


Surprisingly, we have the answer within ourselves. We are that great jewel. We are the priceless diamond and we were given that treasure for free. Being a lady is the priceless jewel given to us. For ages, girls, ladies and women have failed to see the inner treasure in them and instead have viewed themselves as inferior, looking at the negative side of being a female. We need to be optimistic.

We are the treasure that was given to man as a helper to bring balance to nature, bring change to the world, add value to the world by bringing joy in the worst of circumstances. Am sure you are wondering how, ladies are the only ones who make people celebrate because of the birth of a new child in hospitals in the midst of hard situations. Therefore we need to embrace the female in us.

Close your eyes and see a landscape that is surrounded with mountains, a waterfall, a cave that is hidden by the flowing waterfall and green grassland and from the cave comes out a dazzling princess dressed in a colourful outfit walking past the flowing waterfall gracefully onto the land. Amazing, wonderful and breathtaking. That is how we females should view ourselves, as that princess bringing a great spark, colour, help, happiness and joy to nature.

Lets all embrace that feminine part of us, whether you are a young girl, a teenager, a youth or a mother. Gracefully enhance yourself. Have a me-time, take time and have a make-over, look stunning and glow in the feminine beauty, and most of all get the treasure in you, show it to the world by overcoming challenges. Diamonds cannot be broken and you are much more valuable than a diamond. Be bold and courageous to standout with all that we have blessed with.  GO GIRL AND EMBRACE THE BEST PART OF YOU.  LETS ROCK THE GIRL IN US


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