Drinking too much water is poisonous to our body.  Numerous times we hear and read the importance of staying hydrated . With different statistics showing we need a minimum of eight glasses of water per day, we tend to go by the rule and to avoid experiencing dehydration symptoms such as fatigue, we at times over do how much water we take in.

poisonous water

Drinking too much water can also have its side effects that in very severe cases can lead to seizures and a coma. This is because, drinking too much water can lead to intoxication a situation whereby, the body cells get flooded due to low level of sodium in the body. The body requires both salts and ions at an optimal level for it to function properly. Too much water therefore lowers the effectiveness of the body functionality.

The question is how then do we track the amount of water we take, or have we taken excess water than required by the body? The following illustrate symptoms experienced when taking too much water:

  1. Having clear urine due to excess water intake

We have all at one time or another heard the myths about clear urine being a sign of a well hydrated body. There was a time I was literally one die hard believer of that concept and used it as my measuring scale to know whether am hydrated or not. Truth is, the believed concept is not that reliable. Having exceptionally clear urine without some yellow pigment is a sign of over-hydration as most of the sodium in the body is being flushed out by water. A healthy well hydrated body should produce urine that has an almost transparent yellow color.

  1. Nausea and Vomiting

Drinking a lot of water leads to excess fluids being stored in the body as the body is unable to get rid of the excess fluids. This leads to symptoms such a nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. According to Hew Butler, dehydration symptoms are like hydration symptoms.

  1. Swelling and Discoloration of lips, feet and hands

The kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste from the body and dissolve nutrients and minerals. When we consume too much water, we end up storing excess fluids in the kidneys, giving our kidneys, a difficult time getting rid of all the excess fluids. The fluids tend to accumulate within the body, causing swelling of feet and hands as all other waste cannot be removed from the body.

  1. A feeling of Fatigue

This is also experienced when we are dehydrated. When the body is over-hydrated, we experience the same because, we stress the kidneys in performing its functionalities by making them work harder to ensure it tries to eliminate the excess water while maintaining a balanced fluid level within the bloodstream

  1. A myriad of Headaches

We mostly experience headaches whenever we have undue stress or are dehydrated. Did you know that being over-hydrated also causes headaches? When you drink too much water, the brain increases in size and presses against the skull causing us to have headaches. This is due to swelling of cells within the body caused by low salt concentration.

The next time you feel tired, lazy to jump out of bed to fire up your day or you feel nauseated, check your water intake. Make sure you do not overdo it nor under do it. Ensure to have an optimal amount of water. Were you shocked by fact that water can also be poisonous to the body? Share your thoughts concerning drinking too much water. Meanwhile, remember to take only the RECOMMENDED amount of water. If you enjoyed reading this, subscribe more of the same.

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How often do you take water? Do you get headaches out of the blues without exposing yourself to harsh conditions? Water is the most important substance required by the body and that constitutes the major part of our body having 70% within the body and blood is made up of 90% water. Am sure this isn’t something new to you. We heard it all the time during the science lessons.

water glass

Chances are that we occasionally forget to take water until we feel thirsty. But did you know that by the time we get to the point of feeling thirsty, our body is already dehydrated and trying to keep up with the remaining water within the body? Yes, that is the truth. We strain our bodies whenever we forget to take in water.

Water is the major factor that keeps our body functioning. It is used by most organs especially kidneys which is used to dissolve minerals and nutrients and to remove waste. Water therefore becomes a vital ingredient for these functionalities to take place. Lack of water can lead to kidneys accumulating excess waste and fluids which pose a threat to the body becoming poisonous.

Taking water regularly has several benefits which are:

  1. Improved Blood Circulation

Water makes up the largest percentage of the blood. Dehydration leads to thickening of the blood making it harder to flow through the body leading to headaches.

  1. Aids in Digestion

The worst feeling one can get is when we experience constipation. You hardly can do anything, including sitting down while relaxing and the pain becomes unbearable. For those who have experienced such moments am sure you would not want to be in such a situation again. Why wait to experience this kind of discomfort when the remedy is a free resource. Water helps in digestion preventing constipation as food is broken down easily and gets digested into the body.

  1. Weight Loss

We suffer when dealing with weight loss, trying out all remedies available. Yes, you read correctly. Water is useful when trying to cut down some of that excess fat. Taking plenty of water before taking in the next meal, makes us feel full therefore we can eat an adequate amount of food. This is by far the healthiest way to start our journey to losing weight. We hardly must cut down our serving portions as water regulates how much food intake is required by the body by acting as an appetite-suppressor.

  1. Kicks away ailments

Water is very beneficial in keeping away sicknesses. This is because with plenty of water in our bodies, we can keep the body functioning by having the white blood cells functioning effectively. Dehydration leads to a weak immune system and one can easily become sick and suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, migraines and headaches

  1. Glowing Skin

We can apply every new make-up coming into the market to enhance our appearance but, most of the makeup types in the market cater for the facial appearance only. What about the other parts of our body? We can do lotions and other oils. However, we need to maintain that natural spark and glow within our skin. Taking plenty of water does this by getting rid of by-products of fat decomposition and getting rid of waste giving the skin that shiny, bright, glowing skin we all desire to have.

  1. Boost the Brain Power

According to research, drinking water increases your active performance a hundred-fold as it increases the results obtained from the tasks being performed.

We at times we end up forgetting to re-hydrate our body, luckily for us, there are numerous applications that remind us on when to take water as well new bottles (link to drinKup blog) that are backed by the technology to know our hydration levels on remind us to re-hydrate.

Drinking water on a regular basis can be quite a challenge especially when we do not like the taste of water. We can enhance the taste by adding some lemon and honey into water.

water with lemon

Water is the most important fluid in the body. Let’s have water as our buddy, run with it, sleep near it, tag it along when walking your dog out. Share your experiences as well as your results when you drink plenty of water and when you are dehydrated. When are you more active?

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Ahaa! Hydration Planner? What else can I say other than we are now living in the future. Apparently, the future is “slowing down” or perhaps we are too fast and apparently caught up with the future mmh. We might be the living version of The Flash (yes am referring to the series) when it comes to technology. We cannot hold back from the desire to explore the future.



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Ughhhh! not again! I am not prepared for this! Why do i have to do this all over? Why can’t they just listen to me for once? All this and many others tend to build some stress in us, especially when it keeps re-occurring severally until it becomes nagging to the mind. This is what we encounter in our day to day activities.


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