Launched in 2017, as a platform to bring like-minded people together who have a liking for tech and tech news by aiming to make it fun, adventurous and simple to understand. Giving an additional touch of motivation to a community of self-driven people aspiring to beat the odds.

Like having an adventure in a sea of technology and motivation, then you are in the right place. Be assured to get the latest updates within the technology arena, the in and outs of the so-called complicated technology. I aim to unwrap the discovery in technology and simplify the complicated terminologies as we take a tour in the grand sea. This is the place to be when you get around a place and try to figure out jeez what on earth are they talking about and jump onto this site and find a simplified version of it. Not only will you get simplified comprehensive overage of technology but with additional touches of motivations.

The site came about due to my passion in writing and technology, with the need to share my discoveries on latest tech news and also adding some motivation and spark to life by motivating others.

I enjoy sharing knowledge that I acquire and helping others build themselves and being a solution provider. I am a tech enthusiast within the technology industry dealing in web development and programming. I enjoy simplifying the difficulties of technology to others removing the common phrase “technology is hard and I can’t seem to get around it.” changing the phrase to, “damn, I wish I knew how fun technology is from earlier on.”

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Lets sail together in this adventure. Cheers!!

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