Stacy is a girl who enjoys cooking and learning new recipes. A girl obsessed with the kitchen and spends her free-time in the kitchen messing herself with all types of ingredients and spices to come up with a delicious meal. This is aside from her professional liking in the field of technology. She gets to call herself the the tech-girl obsessed with a messy kitchen full of ingredients.

On this platform I get to share with the world new recipe’s I learn and old recipes as well. To become a platform of like-minded people who have a liking for cooking, food and gadgets by aiming to make it fun, adventurous and simple to understand. Giving an additional touch of motivation to a community of self-driven people aspiring to beat the odds.

I also offer catering services for corporates as well as social events such as birthday parties and baby showers as well as offering daily food delivery. We do this ensuring you are able to wow your team, clients and guests over a delicious and an enjoyably tasty meal.

Do you like having an adventure in a sea of ingredients (flour, spices etc) and knowing your calorie intake and watching your health habits? Then you are in the right place. Be assured to get all types of recipes from African cuisines, Asian, English and other continental and international cuisines. I aim to share all recipes cutting across all internatonal cuisines using locally found ingredients and unwrapping the uses of the gadgets as well as providing health insights. This is the place to be when you get around your kitchen and do not know what to prepare, the solution will always be available here for you. You get to have a taste of all cuisines and explore your culinary desires.

The site came about due to my passion in writing, food, health, technology, cooking gadgets and health, with the need to share my discoveries on different meals and how to prepare all the meals. Exploring cultures through food.

I enjoy sharing knowledge that I acquire and helping others build themselves and being a solution provider. I am a tech enthusiast within the technology industry dealing in web development and programming.

Enjoy the adventure as we explore the different recipe’s here

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Lets sail together in this adventure. Cheers!!