Hello there techies. What can be a much better gift to us other than fast internet speeds and fast download speeds with the evolving apps and sites that require much data? Well, I may say, I am one person who blames the speeds especially when it comes to downloading content.


Well, we now all have a reason to smile as a new technology is about to sweep us off our feet with its great and improved capabilities. The new era of 5G is about to dawn on us. It is not expected to be in use anytime this year but is expected to have its landing around 2019-2020.

This comes after having a multitude of great experiences with the 3G and 4G technologies. We were all amazed especially at how fast 4G improved speeds by 5x compared to the previous 3G and increased also its latency effect. This, seemed like a very great improvement, however, the networking geeks did not stop at that. They have revolutionized this to bring up the 5G which also follows the newest mobile standards of IEEE 802.11ac and plays a crucial role in implementing the future where we no longer have www (world wide web) but where we have wwww (world wide wireless web).

The 5G technology is expected to have several features in its package some of them being:

  • Increased speeds of 1-10gbps which is an improvement from the previous 100mbps. Believe it or not but it is all happening. This only justifies more unbelievable happenings in the technology arena having AI’s creating their own AI’s, magical right!
  • Increased latency effect. This is the distance between the cause and the effect. This is now improved from the current 4G where communication was enhanced due to the reduced latency effect from the communication phone tower to a user’s phone to make and receive messages and calls.
  • Increased bandwidth. This is good news to our ears as it implies that we will be able to enjoy the luxury of faster downloads and ability to use more complex internet apps.

This new technology is keeping companies on their feet not to be left behind when the new technology will be deployed. Currently, Apple has been given a greenlight to have it test the 5G technology. This, however, will have to be done within a line of site. Frequency ranges of 27.5-28.35Ghz and 38.6-40Ghz have been requested for test procedures for use in upcoming iPhones. However, the 28Ghz spectrum is reserved for earth to satellite communications. Previous openings indicate that drones or satellites for Apple Maps improvements could be of potential use. Google and Facebook are also running their own tests on 5G.

Other companies are having a time-rush as they create and improve their applications and devices to meet the incoming 5G technology. This comes especially with the improvement in IoT and smart devices. Some of these companies are: Qualcomm, Samsung which are going the hardware way having Qualcomm create a 5G modem and Samsung creating a 5G home router. Nokia and Ericsson going the mobile way having Ericsson create the first 5G radio device.

Let’s all embrace the new 5G technology with open arms as we wait its deployment which will once all the network architectures have all been put into place. This will make access to the internet much faster, much more enjoyable considering we are in an era where we live online unlike previously where we lived offline doing everything manually.

Share your views and comments on the new 5G technology.

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