It is no longer just in SCI-FI movies or series where all sorts of unbelievable happenings took place. Things that remain unbelievable including using DNA to by-pass a computer’s pass codes in the investigative series. Well, this is not new to us. We have seen these happenings severally including going to the extent of looking at a person’s past events before death in Stitchers (your one unbelievable but interesting sci-fi series).

It is now a reality knocking and coming through. Research claims that now a DNA strand transcript with a malware can be used to infect computers and hack one’s way through the computer and get access to your details. This comes after a the University of Washington researchers say they successfully used custom strands of DNA to hack into computer, making this the first time for this to happen.

The DNA strands were encoded with a code which they said was to transmit the malware from biological to the technology scenes.

According to, Tadayoshi Kohno and Luis Ceze from the Paul G Allen school of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, they were able to remotely exploit and gain full control over the computer using the synthetic DNA. The DNA bases were read by a DNA sequencing equipment  which converted the molecular code into a computer code which had the ability to take over any computer that was connected to the DNA sequencer.

They stated that “The hack was only possible because of weakness in the DNA sequencing software, and only in this specific instance.” This therefore means that we should not have any cause of worry as it is not bound to happen anytime soon. “Note there is not present cause for alarm about the present-day threats. We have no evidence to believe that the security of DNA sequencing or DNA data in general is currently under attack”

Their research results was used to illustrate and bring to light the need for an enhanced security systems for computers and their users within all aspects of security including the DNA sequencing systems which are in use today.  This comes after the availability of an open-source sequencing software used by many labs for analysis of results. This not only portrays a need for more security within physical interactions of computers with humans but also a need for more cyber-security as the DNA sequences can easily be passed over the internet.

We all have to take caution, despite it not being a cause for concern in the near future. Well, we cannot still ignore it as technology gives us surprises after researchers having proved that it is possible to transfer data earlier on. Who knows whether within the next few months, that is the technique most hackers may be using. LET’S BE ALERT AND KEEP WATCH.

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Author: Stacy

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  1. This is incredible….actually amazing
    It seems that sci-fi is now coming to reality…
    Keep me updated please. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much. Yes. It is very unbelievable that what we watch n movies is now becoming a reality and we can see it happening. To be updated at all times, you can subscribe to the mail list on the left sidebar. You will be getting new posts each time I publish and also gifts that I offer my subscribers

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