Women have been a center of molestation and bedevilment over the years. We have been viewed as inferior people within the human-race and as unworthy of being part of any great position or role within the society. Leading to being labelled with tags such as inferior, unable, unworthy, useless, name it all. This has led to some fields and industries classifying themselves as male industries, such as medical fields, technology fields and engineering fields. This has been aggravated by the male gender taking advantage of a female and denying them chances in these fields.

download (1) Women applying for positions in such fields are accepted as a last option and women competing for the same leadership positions tend to be looked down upon because of their gender. This happens despite one being very good or a prowess in a certain matter.

Luckily as years go by, due to women empowerment, more women stand against such vices and succeed within the male-dominated industries.

Despite women empowerment and gender-equality rules being passed on in government constitutions, women still experience challenges. This is especially for those in the tech industry. Many women are still being sexually assaulted and abused by their fellow colleagues and bosses.

Most women tend to be sexually harassed as a price to getting promotions within their offices in the tech-industry, or in order for them to get employed at a certain company. They are mostly told that by their leaders and failure to which they end up not getting their rightfully acquired posts.


Recently, within Silicon Valley, the famous arena for developers and programmers, women have come out in large numbers to openly reveal their hidden cries which were caused by sexual harassment within their places of work. The turmoil over sexual harassment within Silicon Valley came to light on Monday after one of the prominent investors,  Dave McClure, resigned from the company. This came after a woman, Sarah Kunst, braved up and went on live to state and reveal to the New York Times about an unwarranted advance from Dave McClure, as she was applying for a job at the company.

The stand taken by Sarah Kunst, was a great one and one to be emulated by all other ladies in the industry and in any other field. After her act, Dave McClure, apologized saying that, “I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry,” which led him to resigning.

Other women came out to embrace their inner courage and speak out of having experienced similar acts from the same investor, Dave McClure. Other women also spoke out loudly on experiencing the same acts in other companies as well by other tech executives, including Marc Canter, a start-up adviser, whose suggestive messages to Wendy Dent, an executive with the start-up Cinemmerse, were reviewed by The Times.

Earlier on, Susan J. Fowler,spoke up on sexual harassment. Her account of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation at Uber led to internal investigations that spurred the resignation of Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, encouraged women who had been subjected to sexual harassment to speak up.

The various actions taken by these ladies should be a stepping stone for all ladies to speak up against sexual pervasiveness within the tech industry. Many women came out on twitter to stand for a sexual harassment free arena within the tech industry and to speak out against such vices. The posts encouraged women in the tech industry to speak up and not to allow themselves to be disrespected and humiliated by their fellow colleagues within the industry.

This should also act as a call to other women in other industries to also join in, and stand against sexual harassment in their various capacities.

Lets all, as ladies stand up and say no to sexual harassment in the tech industry and create an environment that is friendly for future generations to come.  SPEAK UP AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. For the men, stand for what is right, stand for your sisters, mothers, aunts, wives and nieces against molestation and sexual harassment.

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Author: Stacy

Stacy is a tech enthusiast and a blogger on trending technology topics, healthy life choices, inspirations and doing roundups on different locations I get to travel to. I am a lady who supports feminine power and growth.


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