From building one of the multi-billion dollar and largest company names that ever existed and branding multiple company logos. This is one of the most valued fruits around and one can tell from its health benefits. It is the only fruit approved by all medical firms and companies as being the healer fruit.


This goes a long way to make others “doctors” by the use of the famous phrase’An apple a day takes the doctor away’. Many become “doctors” when they use that phrase. They went a long way to be included among the cancer healer fruits being within the berry family.  Apple holds a special place in everyone’s fruit corner and it is a must do for all of us. We just cannot refrain from picking a few from the grocery or whole food shops.

However, there is so much hidden within this highly ‘exalted’ fruit that we all wish we knew of. They are the hidden apple secrets.

1. There are over 7000 different varieties of apples around the world.

Apples are grown in different parts of the world and they total up-to 7500 varieties having China and USA leading with US producing 2500 varieties. The varieties are many that it would day one 20 years to eat each of the varieties while eating one each day.

2. The Apples that we buy could be months old or a year old.

This is quite shocking, but there is no need to worry. They are totally safe for consumption. Farmers use a type of technology known as Controlled Atmosphere Storage which controls the atmosphere and the temperature of the storage location of apples enabling the apples get to you in their fresh state and make us believe they are directly from being picked from the farms.

3. Apples Brighten our Teeth

This is amazing. The acid in the apples aid in whitening and brightening the teeth and also, the inside crispy and crunchy part is used to scrub away stains. However, it should be noted that apples are not a substitute to any form of toothpaste.


4. An apple lasts longer in a refrigerator than at room temperatures

Unlike most fruits, an apple stored under room temperature, tends to rot faster than one that is refrigerated. It actually ripens ten times faster than one stored in a fridge.

5. Apples accelerate the ripening of other fruits

Apples contain ethylene which is emitted as ethylene gas to increase the ripening speed of other fruits. It is advisable to include one apple in any bag containing unripe fruits to hasten their ripening speed.

An Apple is the to go fruit at anytime. It serves multiple purposes from health, to being a quick snack and also a decorating object for other fruits in salads. Always remember to carry an apple with you wherever you go to kick the mid-morning hunger away. For those still around here is one unique fact that I cannot let you go before you know about it. Well, here it is, the shiny color found in apples is due to the wax applied to it after harvesting which also prevents bacteria and slows down its ripening.

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Author: Stacy

Stacy is a tech enthusiast and a blogger on trending technology topics, healthy life choices, inspirations and doing roundups on different locations I get to travel to. I am a lady who supports feminine power and growth.


    1. Fantastic. I enjoy fruits they help me in watching my eating routines. They save the day and prevent one from eating a snack that’s unhealthy. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I love apples because they are a healthy snack I can have daily that don’t raise up my blood sugars. After reading your tips I’ll start storing them in the fridge…

    1. Am glad to have made a difference to your way of storing apples. They are the best fruits to eat whenever mid-day hunger strikes and one want to gobble down some junk. They help in the fitness diet.

    1. Am glad you enjoyed reading the article and thanks for stopping by. Unbelievable right? You can ripen other fruits much faster having an additional apple in the bag.

  2. Awesome information about apple. I don’t know if I could taste all that 7000 apples. When can it be possible? Lol.

    1. I also don’t know how possible it is to get to taste each of the 7 apples. That’s sounds like a good challenge for everyone to try out.

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